Smoking increases the risk of colorectal cancer

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Smoking increases the risk of colorectal cancer

Medical study warned smokers that they are more susceptible to colon cancer as well as the risk of dying from this cancer.

The study, by researchers Italians, published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association that smoking tobacco increases the risk of developing colon cancer by 18%, and increases the risk of dying from the tumor by 25%, compared to non-smokers.

According to the study's lead author Eduardo Puteri, a biostatistician and his colleagues in the division of epidemiology and biostatistics at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, the statistical analysis shows a significant association between smoking and injuries and deaths from cancer of the colon and rectum.


The study emphasizes the importance of public awareness that smoking increases the risk of cancer, not only in organs directly related to Bemsrtnat tobacco, oropharynx, larynx and upper digestive tract, but also in organs exposed indirectly to the degradation products of tobacco, Kalpnkerias, kidney, bladder, cervix, colon and rectum.

Remember, the statistics contained in the study that tobacco is responsible for about 100 million deaths during the last century, more than five million deaths annually. However, the study indicates that there is still a billion smokers worldwide.

The Puteri and his colleagues analyzed data from 106 studies to monitor and follow-up to previous studies, ranging between the limited test involving several hundred participants only, surveys and very wide ranges exceeding million participants.

When the researchers looked at the overall framework of pooled risk, they found that smoking was associated with an increase of 18% in the risk of cancer of the colon and rectum.

The researchers add that they found a directly proportional increase in the risk of this cancer and the increase in the number of cigarettes and cans consumed per day, multiplied by the number of cigarettes consumed per day in a number of years of smoking.

Statistical analysis shows that the increased risk in smokers start after the tenth year of smoking, and increased until it reaches statistical significance after 30 years of smoking.

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