Tips to ease the annoying symptoms of allergies

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Tips to ease the annoying symptoms of allergies

Allergies occur when a foreign substance enters the body does not consist with it, it becomes a blocked nose, and eyes are not, as you feel pain in the lung, which may be issued their votes during breathing.

And sensitivity to different types, but most of them are classified in three categories: sensitivity resulting from direct contact, allergies caused by foods, and allergies caused by inhalation, which is the most common, occurring in response to inhalation of air, dust of the house, fluff pets, mold, and granules vaccine plants (pollen grains) and some household insects that do not see with the naked eye.

The following tips tested and proposed by the doctors, will put you on the road that will help you to breathe easily and without tears.

1 - treat allergy symptoms: You can not avoid exposure to allergens in the final, so the sensitivity must Stsepk way or another, is the best way to avoid the disturbing effects of allergies, is to review the doctor, and medication of anti-allergic. And in case they continued sensitivity for more than 5 days, you should consult a doctor anyway.

2 - home ventilation and exposed to the sun: ventilation is the home of the most important things that can be done to alleviate the problems of pollen, mold, and household insects. Can be used here to ensure that air conditioning units to reduce humidity that causes the growth of insects and mold, and the technology during the air cooled. Must also allow the sun to visit the house in full, and access to the bedrooms and living rooms, it is able to eliminate a lot of mold, fungi, and household insects, as it reduces the humidity of the pool causing fungi and insects.

3 - A survey of insect nets humid places: The detergents kill fungi, it is not like other chemicals, will Tagdiha available in pharmacies and supermarkets, and you clear the surfaces of baths, whenever possible, and cleaning floors, ceramic and wood. You can experience a dilute solution of 50 milliliters per liter of water, then leave for the solution on the floor for 5 minutes, before the Valuation Bctefh with clean water. NATIONAL then using a fungicide regularly in enclosed spaces.

4 - Disposal of Pet: Some people have a desire to raising pets, cats, and is animal dander from more allergens, and to get rid of the problem of allergies, you must get rid of the cause, experts say health, that the conduct of animals in the room once a week, a sponsor that affects the inhabitants of an allergy.

5 - wearing a face mask: You must use a face mask when you do expose you to sensitive materials, such as removing dust, or the work of the garden, or cleaning the house. Experts argue that a small mask covering the nose and mouth known as the "anti-dust mask and dust" that could protect you from the arrival of the article that you face are sensitive to your lungs.

6 - Cover mattresses with plastic: The Packaging mattresses and pillows in plastic, it helps you to rest, as the small insects prefer a bed as a hiding place, and if covered with plastic, you'll Tstnhqi clean air instead of insects, dust, or micro-organisms.

7 - escape clause from the carpet: If you or anyone in your family allergic to animal dander or dust or household insects, it is you must get rid of the carpet, because it is a suitable environment for the growth of fungi and mold, and gathering dust and pollen. Steam cleaning is not hot enough to kill insects, on the contrary, this type of carpet cleaning make the bottom of the warmer and wetter, an ideal climate for the growth of insects and fungi.

8 - Purchase of pillows made of polyester: not because they do not allow the insects to live, or collect mold, but because you can wash with hot water, instead of pillows made of feathers or other, because you do not Tsttiei washed well.

9 - Washing mattresses and pillows in hot water: The pillows and mattresses are of the most likely to provide a suitable environment for allergens, at the same time adjacent to the nose and mouth during sleep or lie down, so you must look after her well, through the wash with hot water on a weekly basis, to ensure the eradication of insects in which.

10 - Provision of clean room: if you're not able to provide central air conditioning at home, and you can not remove the carpet, hygiene and care fully, you have to do it in the same room, at least, to be a clean place to breathe. Strive to be the room is the bedroom. While maintaining good ventilation in summer and winter.

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