Treatment of Alzheimer's disease by stem cells

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Treatment of Alzheimer's disease by stem cells

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is the most common forms of mental deterioration due to aging that are traditionally associated with loss of slow but continuous neurons and communication between nerve cells and the phenomena of disease, internal and the first symptoms is the feeling of not being able to extend memory.
And with the progress of the disease the patient suffers from a mental deterioration, and after a few years patients need to help perform daily tasks and they can not sustain life on their own.
And more painful things in this stage for family members and friends, where the patient often does not remember his relatives m kinsmen and possibly even a life partner. And Alzheimer's patients also lose their personality gradually.
It is not known causes of Alzheimer's disease, although the brains of Alzheimer's patients clearly demonstrates the microscopic changes: Deposition of large cells, proteins called Omaylwid Plage and cirrhosis of the protein between cells called neuro Fberalr Tangelz. It seems that it is not possible to cure Alzheimer's disease because dead neurons can not be reactivated.
Treatment of Alzheimer's disease status of X-stream

Stem cells collected from the first bone marrow (bone marrow) patients, drawn from the bones of the machine and then Iadthamerp to the body days later. Prior to re-cell transplantation is being processed bone marrow, where one of our labs are also detected on the quality and efficiency of stem cells.
These cells to be injected to have the potential to become new cells to rejuvenate or replace tissue destroyed and / or nerves.
The goal of treatment is to slow down or reversing the spread of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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