15 minutes to repair his hands

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15 minutes to repair his hands


Want a skin of satin for your hands? Give them each day a little attention and you'll soon find a velvety skin.

2 minutes to clean
With a mini-brush and soap, rub your hands, palms and nail, to stimulate the microcirculation and small off dead skin. It does not wash too often, but do it carefully.

3 minutes to massage
The hands are like your face, exposed to light, cold, so aging. To protect them, after each wash, remember to moisturize and massage deeply. Choose a rich cream, if they are very dry or opt for a lighter texture, as if they are dehydrated. You can not "spread" systematically? At least try to pamper yourself once a day, at night for example watching your movie or before going to bed. This will relax you more!

5 minutes to treat
When damaged, your hands need a treatment. After applying a good cream on the fingers and palms, rub your nails with a nourishing oil to moisturize the whole. Wearing soft cotton gloves and sheathing, like a bandage, promote absorption of active ingredients in the epidermis.

5 minutes to shine
Do not make the mistake of leaving the nail naked! To protect them from attacks, you must either use a polisher, which makes them shine and close their shells (like hair), or apply a base coat. Choose it according to the state of your nails if they are soft hardening rather nourishing for all other small habitual complaints (split, break ...).

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