Avocado fruit

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Avocado fruit

Is the fruit of avocado and a meal package, so many mothers prefer to wean their children on the avocado puree. Avocado fruit is rich in potassium and vitamin (a) is also used in treating some skin disorders, fruit pulp treatment anti-bacterial and fungi.
- The benefits of avocados:
1 - used avocados to help people suffering from sexual problems.
2 - Avocado of antioxidants, is also used in the treatment of skin disorders.
3 - Assistant faith of the person who suffers from digestive disorders, or which relate to the blood circulating.
4 - and another benefit of the avocado, the work of the paste made from Alovo Kado and put it on the rash or rough skin will have a positive outcome in the treatment of this rash and soften the skin.
5 - whenever the fruit color, opening greater proportion of the article "Beta carotene -" high by (a substance that prevents cancer).

- Use of avocados:

- The fruit of the inside mitigate the effects of sunburn of the skin, cut the fruit in half and rub the skin lightly charred.
First aid for sunburn .. More
- Eating the fruit of avocado on a daily basis if he feels tired and tired of the disease to recover his strength and activity quickly.

- Tips indicative avocado:

- Choosing the right fruit is heavy, most vendors sell is so mature leaves from 3-6 days in order to be maturity.
- A sign of maturity, when the finger pressure on the fruit cortex respond Bangmasha little inside.
- Do not put the fruit of avocado in the refrigerator to ripen the contrary, the maturity process will take longer, and the best way is to put the fruit in a paper bag with apples or bananas.

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