Benefits of Running

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Benefits of Running

1 - Running of the best ways to lose weight because it consumes more energy than any of the activities and exercises that burns oxygen (Oieropk) such as walking, cycling and swimming.

2 - Running helps to raise the morale and satisfaction for yourself and your body and also helps to get rid of stress and pressures of everyday life.

3 - helps run like the rest of the exercise that burns the oxygen in improving physical fitness and thus public health and make life more active and happier.

4 - does not require equipment or equipment, except shoes and clothing sporting occasion.

In order to exercise by jogging must be in good health and do not have significant health problems such as heart problems or arthritis, you should consult your doctor if you have doubt about that.

Running Shoes

After deciding to take place and then try running a few days and find it convenient for you you should buy special shoes to run. Because the legs bear a considerable effort must be Carefully selecting proper footwear must be boot the incubator for a man without the narrow and allows to move fingers of the legs and should not be broad in order to move men inside or cause friction and must be comfortable and when you buy you should try both Alferdtin If were not Mrihtin through experience they will not run when Tkona important peculiarity of the shoe that provides support to men and helps to absorb the blow when the impact of man to the ground. There are four types of shoes are:

A - Shoes for installation:
It is suitable for those who are conducting properly, or who move their legs a little bit of the inside of the stomach, who are a little flat feet and these shoes provide a cushion to absorb shock and support for the movement of men to suit most people, including those who are slightly curved soles of their feet.

B - Shoes to adjust the movement:
These shoes are the pillars on the inside of the hock to the end of the man's abdomen and is therefore suitable for those who have flat stomachs or legs curved slightly reduce the movement of a man inside, and the mainstay in the boot to make it heavier than usual.

H - shoes with cushions and protective:
These shoes are designed for people who do not need the pillars in the boot and whose stomachs legs curved in a clear and this type of shoe is lighter types of shoes, whose soles of their feet with high arches and fixed comfortable in this type of shoe.

D - Running Shoes on rugged tracks:
These shoes are designed to run in non-paved and ill-equipped to run one of the type which provides Stability (similar to type I), it be a sole broader and more resistant to corrosion and friction and the upper part of the boot of the type quick drying.

There is another kind of shoes a special race, running is not recommended for use because it does not provide support and comfort to the man, but a mild and flexible so as to assist the running speed only. Prefer to buy shoes at the end of the day (evening) because men are larger than in the morning and also prefer to buy shoes in a shop specializing in sports shoes, and you have to wear shoes (both Alferdtin) and running to make sure that boot properly, and through that experience must Use always stockings Sports especially that allow vaporization of race and removal from your feet.

The first steps to run

1 - heating:
Is the first step for any pushup helps the body to prepare for the exercise and increases the speed of blood flow, respiration, and increases body temperature and heating to run is either walking fast for 10 minutes or exercises stretching and flexibility and then running slowly and increase speed gradually until it reaches the speed normal to you.
2 - Cooling:
Cooling is very important as heating is done to restore the body in terms of its normal blood flow and breathing as well as to reduce the temperature and cooling is by running, slow or fast walking and slow stretching exercises and flexibility.
3 - Place of running:
You must choose a suitable place to run in terms of safety, hygiene and ventilation, as well as the preferred choice of place will help you to continue running so that it is conducive to either the presence of other exercise or the place is beautiful and not boring, as well as recommended that there is no place to be run in isolation so that no one sees you have need help at the time of injury, God forbid, or for any other reason, as well as prefer to be a place of different routes so that the subsidiary can be summed up running and return quickly if you need to do so. Can be a running track, dirt or paved, but preferably should not be difficult, as well as the preferred place is the highlands and slopes of light, thus helping the change in running speed and the extent of the effort during the run is not preferable to the way concrete or pavement intermittent so you are obliged to descend and ascend the pavement during the running frequently. Asphalt or area allocated to run the best of coral cement and must ensure that the asphalt road, which are the non-diagonal direction of each side - and this is it the street is usually for the purpose of storm water drainage - if the street was tilted towards the side need to run middle of the street, if possible, or you have to change direction during the run so as not to be the output voltage of a mile street on one leg, but have the two men alternately.

Running speed and duration and frequency of

Start by running, depending on your ability without straining yourself more than you can afford, you can specify certain time or a specific distance to run at the outset, as well as for the speed you run the right pace for you so that you can continue for a period or of the distance set, which is important at the outset so as not to be subjected to injuries or severe stress, and should preferably be run during the first six weeks day after day in order to give the body time to rest and get used to running, as well as you can in the beginning, walking and running alternately during exercise daily and increase the time running out until they can run continuously. Over time you'll get used to run and be able to run continuous long period of time, and you can gradually increase this time by 10% per week, for example, if you are for 30 minutes a day during the week you can increase this period by 3 minutes per day. You should generally not run quickly make you can not talk understandably with others during the run. May not be able in some days to hold the same efficiency that I ran the previous day and this is naturally not feel disappointment or frustration.

Tips to continue in the sport of running

1 - set a target of working towards accessible and you can hash this goal to the stages for example, you can set a target to conduct 30 minutes of continuous work to achieve this in stages, first running for 10 minutes continuously and then 15 minutes, and so on until you reach your goal and after arrival to Objective Give yourself a prize or reward as you wish.

2 - Keep a record of your progress in running and see it will lift your spirits as you will see how advanced and became the ability to run better than before.

3 - pay with one of your friends who have the ability to approach your ability Rafik presence with you during your run can help you continue and persevere in achieving your goals of running.

4 - Fixed table running as much as possible, to determine where to run, time of day to help you continue to do so with the possibility of changing the time when required or when you want to change or to changing weather conditions.

5 - Not in the pace of the program running from time to time in order to renew and change in order to avoid boredom, you can run with another friend for example, or in a different place or at a different time and then return to your style before.

Increase the speed and increase the distance

Is not recommended to increase your running speed only after the last in the sport of running for several months then you can start increasing your running speed.

The increase in distance and duration of the running you can do this gradually by 10% in the week at most, provided that do not stress yourself more than you can afford. If you feel you have reached a degree of stress over what you can stop running and start cooling.

Appropriate for the speed you can test their knowledge to talk If you can not talk in the concept and you are it means that you are too fast.

Instructions to run the correct

1 - not forward by ten degrees at the ankles and not at the waist.

2 - Keep straight and taller nostalgic your back or shoulders and must be tight, but your body is comfortable and flexible.

3 - focused on the middle distance in front of you a few steps.

4 - Try to be your shoulders and back and Urkk the integrity of one.

5 - must be located under the center of your foot, your body weight in each step.

6 - When your foot and lift your leg behind you try to lift Arqhobk to the top as much as possible to the level of the knee and let it gradually until it reaches that level.

7 - Keep your arms and your hands comfortable and non-tight and in a right angle at the facility.

8 - Do not grab your fingers, but make them comfortable in the grip of incomplete and addressed to the palm side of the body and the thumb up.

9 - Move your arm swing is from when the shoulder is compatible with the movement of men and to the side of the body and not in front of this movement maintaining the balance of the body and increase the efficiency of the movement.

10 - When you move your hands to the bottom should not exceed significantly the hip and are adjacent to the side just below the waist.

11 - must drink a glass or two glasses of water before running 10 minutes, and drink a cup every 15 minutes during the run as needed to drink a quantity of water after running and do not wait until you feel thirsty, this is a sign that you've reached the stage of drought, and must drink water before feeling thirsty

Safety and Injury Prevention

Because, the effect of running the power and pressure on the body equivalent to three times, the effect of walking, you should care for your body during the run and is not subjected to injury and the best way to do that is to listen to your body, Valtab stress normally when you run an acceptable and expected, but the pain is unacceptable and must stop your Running when you feel it, and most causes of injuries during running is running too much for the person both in terms of distance or in terms of speed, and therefore should not increase the running speed only after several months of running and also not to increase the duration or length of distance running more than 10% per week and injuries that occur as follows:

1 - blisters (bulges of water).

2 - knee problems.

3 - sprained tendon or bottom of the leg.

At the time of infection you should take rest for a day or more to the symptoms clear up and can handle some minor injuries compresses the snow which increases blood flow and thus the speed of recovery, or linking part of the injured ligament medical and if the injury is very painful or pain persists for a long time you should see a doctor. You should review your style of running and conditions under which the exclusion of errors you are out during the run if you are on the ground by concrete example, or on the pavement of intermittently, you should choose another place for more flexibility, such as a flat surface is paved and if the shoes is not suitable or old, you must change If you do not exercise exercises heating, cooling or stretching and flexibility exercises you must do so continuously.

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