Beware of "machouillettes"!

Publié par happy-diet mercredi 21 avril 2010

Beware of "machouillettes"!

These dummies fitted with a net must be used under supervision to prevent choking.

The Consumer Safety Commission is launching a cry of alarm. After studying a score of "machouillettes" teats fitted with a mesh that is filled with pieces of fruit for baby learn to chew, and after hearing from pediatricians, nutritionists and dentists, the CSC will encourage Parents who buy, the greater vigilance.

According to the Commission, these machouillettes, sold mostly on the internet under their original name of "baby safe feeder" and sold in some stores that childcare would be likely to cause choking, and poisoning bacteria and dental caries.

Without an outright ban on its use, the CSC encourages parents who wish to use the following tips:

- Never leave their baby unattended when using a machouillette

- Use the machouillette only when the baby is sitting,

- Avoid prolonged use to avoid the risk of causing cavities with the fruit sugar,

- Periodically check the resistance of filetcar small baby teeth can shear the net,

- Do not insert food too acidic or too sweet ... always avoid cavities!

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