My good intentions green

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My good intentions green

This year, I promise, I think the future of the planet! Some possible ways of everyday gestures that will reduce our negative impact on the environment in 2009.

In 2009 ... I'll pay attention to my diet
Before the food gets to your plate, successive steps (cultivation or farming, processing, packaging, storage and transport) will be responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. To make your dining room. And organic. Firstly, it can only be good for your health. Preferably buy fruit and vegetables in season that have not traveled thousands of miles before coming to your basket. AMAP (Association for the maintenance of agriculture) or the network of gardens of Plenty are two networks that meet these assumptions and have the advantage of developing relations between producers and consumers. In addition, the packaging is almost reduced to their simplest expression, limiting the problem of waste.

In 2009, I will buy more with less waste
You can find a lot of products in stores, which are cheaper and much less packaged. Similarly, a manufactured product (radio, drill, ...) bought cheaper when buying is often faster and finished off illico in the trash. In Categories freezers, refrigerators and cars, the guide recommends Topten products combining low energy (think also welcome to light bulbs), low environmental pollution, easy operation, good quality and reasonable prices. Finally, choose products with the European eco-label (a small flower with a euro in the middle).

In 2009, I'll pay attention to the office
Facing your computer, make sure you do not print all the time. Get used to copy and paste or archive. Or if you can avoid using evening recycled paper (50% less CO2 compared to non-recycled paper) or two-sided printing.

In 2009, I'll be careful at home
Enlighten without wasting. Do not let the TV, DVD player, computers ... standby. Turn them as parts of the house unoccupied. Adjust the temperature of the room to your business: 20 ° up to the lounge, 18 ° in the rooms.

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