5 tips for repairing your hands

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5 tips for repairing your hands

The hands are like your face, exposed to light, cold, so aging. Give them each day a little attention and they do not betray your age!

1. Erase! Use the same product for your face and massage gently. The grain refining exfoliation of the skin, then more receptive to care repairers. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.

2. Take care! Get used to apply a moisturizer on your hands every time you wash them, and not only when you have a sense of conflict! Remember that if the washing gets rid of germs, it leaves the skin unprotected for several hours, the film hydrolipidic being removed by the soap. And when you have to wash their hands often, this natural protection is not the time to recover. The skin becomes more sensitive to allergens prone to itching, to patches of eczema. A good cream? This is not just a treatment that "does not stick. It is a product that softens and smooths the skin while protecting it from external aggressions. It is most often a rich cream with glycerin, a moisturizer very effective, and vitamins A to heal, E to protect.

3. Massage! With a drop of sweet almond oil or cuticle cream, massage the base of the nails. Great for improving blood circulation to the extremities. Done daily, this gesture shines nails.

4. Protect! You're used to do for gardening: Bring also a pair of gloves for household work, even bit messy. Rubber? Yes, but lined with cotton because they prevent the hands will not warm up, do not dehydrate and that will soften the nails.

5. Hide! Apply an anti-UV protection high on your hands as soon as you step out your door. In summer, remember to re-apply every two hours. The compacted formulas are very convenient, because the sponge spreads the product only on the backs of hands!

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