Hair Loss

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Hair Loss


* When it comes to hair loss, it is one that exceeds 10 to 20 daily hair that can remain on the comb.
* It is witnessing an acceleration in the final phase of the hair cycle (telogen phase), the problem is that it gives a bald when too much hair fall at the same time.
* When the hair loss leaves skin areas smooth and hairless, talking about baldness

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What happens?

* The normal life of the hair lasts 5 to 7 years, and it has a potential of 25 to 30 cycles.
* Why is it shorter for some and at certain times? The sensitivity to androgens, which facilitate the hair loss is largely genetically determined, but added the effects of intense stress, whether psychological or serious illnesses, whose mechanism is unclear.
* The doctor makes a Trichogramma to know what is the speed of hair loss and hope for regrowth.
* There are 2 areas: one is dependent on androgens (male hormones that are similar to testosterone), which will be the site of the tonsure usual bald men, the other that is independent of testosterone and gives a drop broadcasts.

The available:
The classics:

* For non-hormonal causes, we use the treatments of B vitamins, trace elements depending on the supposed deficiencies, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and sulfur Unsulphured to provide relevant information to the hair . In particular, iron deficiency exists when it will be corrected by medication prescribed by the doctor.
* The lotions containing sulfur or rubefacient: either we try to provide externally relevant information, or to stimulate circulation.
* Progesterone lotion, as anti-androgen, has a modest effect.
* You must especially avoid excessive traction on the hair, cosmetics assaults too often repeated (permanent stains ...).
* Excessive seborrhea is always treated: this is not so much because it stifles the hair as they say, but she witnesses a hormonal hypersensitivity of the scalp.

Those who become classics now:

* Minoxidil lotion: drug unattractive when it was used against hypertension, it was found that could promote hair growth.
* Finasteride: A drug of the prostate, it is used as an anti-androgen, in lower doses for the hair.
* And aminexil rare cosmetic have been studied as drugs, which can also increase the density of hair.
* They have proven to slow the fall and stimulate new growth, but beware: they can only act if there is an active hair follicle, thus areas still young for hair loss. See your doctor or a dermatologist to evaluate the best opportunities.

For women:

* The pill or hormone replacement therapy may be used as the progestin cyproterone acetate, anti-androgen: the effect is inconsistent and very progressive.
* Minoxidil is possible, but beware of the risk of increased hair on the temples.


It is reserved for localized hair loss where the scalp has adequate vascular elements, or where the existing hair is sufficient to consider transplanting hair in bald areas.

* We reimplanted the hair in the scalp, hair or in groups (effect problem where doll hair is bundled in packets) or one by one. The implantation is done under local anesthesia.
* They can implant artificial hair, but they present problems of rejection. This technique is gradually being abandoned or used only when the person has not enough hair in non-glabrous.

Rotation flaps

It distends the skin of an area covered with hair, using balloons implanted under the skin. Then we take off the skin is distended and the suture tension in a bald area of skin that was previously cut.

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