I chose the electric shaving

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I chose the electric shaving

Some men do not support the mechanical and conversely, others will not endure the heat caused by the electric razor. Moreover, "the general condition of the skin is not always the same time," says Nathalie Cany, founder of Planet Shave. "The man will be more or less willing to use such a method of shaving rather than another. "

The electric shaving is especially prized by those who are pressed. It is recommended to those who have the beard thick and dense. Unlike shaving, it is preferable in this case to make before the shower to keep the pores shut. In the same vein, gently rub your face with a stone alum who in addition to closing the pores, the hair will shrink.

Two types of razors

Headed rotary shavers (exclusive to Philips and Remington to a lesser extent) are recommended for sensitive skin, because their head is unmatched flexibility and their schedules do not puncture. No risk of breaking so. For them, shaving is done by a circular motion. Note that Philips has released in the 90s with a razor cream, Cool Skin, which moisturizes and protects skin during shaving. This razor, whose shape resembles a joystick is typically a product "young".

The razors translation system (Braun type) are for those who have a beard and a thick coat drive. The razor blades oscillate up and down very quickly. Accordingly, shaving is most often upwards. This is the case on the cheeks. But at the neck, the implantation of hair can change direction, it may be necessary to go from top to bottom. This model has the disadvantage of having gates which pierce over time, hence the risk of blackouts. Electric shavers must be maintained. Open them and go a little water on the blades. A grid is changed every 18 months.

Finally, there are men for whom shaving is only suffering. Their skin, particularly reactive bears no shaving. For them, a beard trimmer is the solution. This product has all the more wind in its sails as the stubble is now trendy.

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