Why take care of my skin?

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Why take care of my skin?

The men have a tougher skin than women. But it is also subject to more attacks. Anny Cohen-Letessier, dermatologist, skin specialist male, analyzes its characteristics.

What are the characteristics of men's skin?
The characteristics of the skin are largely under hormonal influence. Thus, man has many more sebaceous glands than women. These glands in the dermis are responsible for the secretion of sebum. By delivering a double amount of fat compared to women, the skin is more elastic, better hydrated and less dry than that of his female alter ego. The epidermis of man, fatter, thicker (16%), and therefore more durable, will better protect themselves against external aggressions (bacterial, too much sun ....).

More resistant, male skin has it that we need to take care of?
The human skin is very subject to attacks that are the sun, tobacco and especially methods of shaving. Moreover, the man is under the habit of taking care of her skin. To summarize, men's skin aging later, but when its starts aging, wrinkles are more pronounced.

The man shaves every day. What consequences does it have on the skin?
If the ritual of shaving does not accelerate the aging of the skin of the face, it is essential to know how to choose the creams or aftershaves. Pharmaceutical companies have understood they do not offer only anti-inflammatory drugs (shaving irritation) or anti-bacterial. Now, the products of Cosmetology restructurizers incorporate elements such as essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, B5, ... Everything is done to improve hydration, replenishment of the barrier and prevent aging.

Beauty products for men are they different from those for women?
The pH of the human skin is more acidic than that of women. We must therefore adjust accordingly cosmetics intended for them. In addition to improving the structure of these products, the laboratories offer fine textures and light. The range for men is therefore based on the sprays, gels, creams or light, banishing excipients more sticky or too thick. It must give pleasure to its user if it could quickly give a use that is not yet rooted in its habits.

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