Three structured meals

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Three structured meals


Our food is too rich in fats, alcohol and sweets, three elements responsible for our steady increase in weight. We must therefore introduce new dietary habits. But one after another, gradually, not to "flinch" at the magnitude of the task!

The recommendations "flat stomach"
- Learn how to structure the three main meals to avoid food cravings.
- Take at least two servings of fruit a day ... but no more than four if you want to lose weight.
- Choose cuts of meat and less fat to reduce the amount of fat and grease before (or after) firing.
- Choose low-fat cooking methods (steam cooker, rice cooker, curl, nonstick pans, wok ...)
- More calcium (3 to 4 dairy products per day) ... but by reducing fat.
- Vegetables and pulses twice a day. Avoid dishes with vegetable fat content is more than 5g/100g food (see label).
- If you take a meal replacement, fill it with milk, fruit and a piece of bread to prolong satiety
Do not lose sight of that weight loss is always followed by a stabilization phase: after a fast start (due to changes in our eating habits), there is still a slowdown in weight loss. Since the elimination of fat is accompanied by loss of muscle, the body must get used to, new physiological equilibrium must be established. But no one knows the duration of these "levels" according to individuals, it can range from one week to a month. The mistake to avoid is to restrict the benefit to accelerate the movement. These steps are necessary, we must retain the same power and wait for the beginning of a new weight loss.

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