Bloating: dare alternative medicine

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Bloating: dare alternative medicine

L'acupuncture, une solution

For your digestive problems, you'd rather adept at rapid method: a notch under the belt, Maalox and it off again! And if you spend the gentle methods to feel better?

Acupuncture balances the energy
The chronic bloating are often one of many symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, also called "irritable bowel disease. Acupuncture, rebalancing the energy potential, enables comprehensive management of this disease. It suits the needs of each patient: a patient is not treated the same way if a lymphatic, listless, nervous ... The doctor takes into account the reactions of everyone. Some people really need to loosen their belts to feel better, while others will be relieved by pressure on their abdomen. Some see their symptoms improved by heat, others by cold ... Finally, acupuncture has on anxiety and stress, which mostly favor bloating.
It is generally advisable to make 2 to 3 sessions during the first month and then check once a month during the next quarter. Then, background therapy, 2 sessions per year are usually sufficient to calm the irritable colon.

The osteopathy calm tensions
The health of our spine and our digestive system are closely linked. Hence the interest of osteopathy in the treatment of bloating or flatulence. For manual tests, the osteopath will look for abnormal tension of the fascia and ligaments that "hang" the viscera to the musculoskeletal apparatus. For very fine movements painless and non-aggressive, it will free up those tissues of their surge to restore their flexibility, which generally brings relief.
The osteopath ensure that symptoms are not related to a disease within a drug treatment or surgery. Generally, it will get results in one to three sessions, spaced at least three weeks. When manual therapy gives absolutely no results after three sessions, he's probably better to turn to another therapy.

Homeopathy treats the field
- Your bloating are localized at the stomach: take 3 pellets Carbo vegetabilis 5CH before each meal.
- Your bloating are located in the lower abdomen: Take 3 pellets of Lycopodium 5CH before each meal.
- Your bloating concern both the stomach and the stomach: Take 3 pellets of China Officinalis 5CH before each meal.
You can add:
- If your bloating accompanied by drowsiness after meals: 3 pellets of Nux Vomica 5CH before each meal.
- If they are favored by stress: 3 granules Ignatia 7CH before each meal.
- If they occur during periods: 3 granules Cocculus Indicus 5CH before each meal.

Digestive and dressings?
These drugs, available without prescription, kaolin (clay) and derivatives of silicone (simeticone, dimethicone) that the anti-foam limit the formation of gas bubbles. But watch out, they should not be used on the long term without medical advice because of their possible side effects. Also, they only temporarily calm the symptoms. A consultation will remove any organic cause and find a solution may be best suited to your needs.

To learn more about the bloating EurekaSanté with the public medical site edited by Vidal.

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