The "bad" cholesterol

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The "bad" cholesterol

In the body, cholesterol borrows the bloodstream to tissues and cells. Its transportation is provided by soluble proteins, lipoproteins which there are 2 types:
• LDL-cholesterol or "bad" cholesterol
The low-density lipoprotein (LDL for Low Density Lipoprotein) will carry cholesterol from the liver to body cells. When LDL cholesterol is present in too large quantities, it tends to deposit on the walls of blood vessels and arteries, leading to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The arterial wall is then gradually thicken, obstructing the artery and causing a decrease in blood flow. Under irrigation, the tissues may run out of oxygen and suffer: it is ischemia.
The atherosclerotic plaques that harden and become brittle over time, can also break off and be dragged into the bloodstream. The clot formed that may then block an artery or vessel and stop blood flow. Oxygenation of cells no longer assured, they eventually die.

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