Yes to self-tanners!

Publié par happy-diet mercredi 21 avril 2010

Yes to self-tanners!

It is deeply to from the beginning because we immediately saw the benefit to our skin. They gave us a pretty caramel color in three hours without sun exposure, and we avoid wrinkles and brown spots. It exposes less, if at all, so we also have less risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer).
How do they do? Recall that a self-tanner is a makeup persistent. Makeup, because it does not penetrate, and remains on the surface as a foundation. Persistent, because it is not eliminated in pads, but over the days with the natural renewal of the epidermis. The chemical molecules that perform this little miracle cosmetics are mostly DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and erythrulose.
These occur on the skin the same effect as the oxygen in the air at the surface of a lawyer: browning gives us the illusion of a natural tan. But recently, these products proved so attractive to use, too orange, left traces, smelly and withered skin! All that is past. Indeed, thanks to a concentration of active tanning better studied, we get a really natural shade for most skin tones.

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