Everything about tanning capsules!

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Everything about tanning capsules!


Test your knowledge of these capsules that can tan while protecting the skin and minimizing the risk of sunburn.

It is a concentration of carrot juice.
TRUE - The capsules contain carotenoids, molecules that are found throughout the plant world: plants, vegetables, fruits, seaweeds. It may be the beta-carotene - one of the first molecules used but increasingly abandoned in favor of lycopene -, lutein, and since that year, and phytoene phytofluene. It also appears that the naturally occurring carotenoids are more effective than synthetic ones.

The skin tans while being protected.
TRUE - but not only. Initially, dermatologists prescribe these capsules to reduce the risk of intolerance to sunlight in susceptible individuals ... It is always the case. But we gradually realized that, but replace protective creams, they downplayed the sunburn. In fact, they allow more sun, even with fair skin, exposing less. Through their antioxidant properties, protect the DNA of cells bombarded by UVA and UVB. This preserves our capital solar deal with skin diseases related to exposure (melanoma). Note that lutein protects the skin but also the eyes, reducing the risk of cataracts by almost 50%.

We must be on the first day of exposure.
FALSE To be effective, treatment should be started three weeks before the show. However, the ideal is to follow throughout the period of sunshine, until the fall!

It really works!
TRUE - Dozens of clinical studies have been the subject of scientific publications have demonstrated the effectiveness of carotenoids as protective and fortifying the skin against the sun. One can even consider these capsules as an anti-wrinkle product that strengthens and protects our skin from within. Finally, note that although no one knows why some people are more receptive than others. In other words, these tanning capsules do not protect everyone in the same way: a question of individual susceptibility, somehow.

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