Choose a toothbrush

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Choose a toothbrush


Some emphasize the quality of toothpaste thought to be the basis in the process of cleaning the teeth, ignoring the role of the toothbrush and the method used, this time as all scientific and medical studies that the toothbrush is 90% of the cleaning process, if used correctly, and for this we do not ignore the role of toothpaste, but it remains a contributing factor in the cleaning of the toothbrush, which holds the cleaning surfaces of the teeth and Dekha and massage Ttha well.

Ihtaralktheron and choose the appropriate brush their teeth, and perhaps the first question asked by the patient's head is keen on the health of his mouth, his teeth to a doctor is: How do I choose my toothbrush?

Before talking about specifications toothbrush, it must be pointed to the effective role played by the toothbrush in the foundation to maintain the health of the mouth, or in the sense that: Why use a toothbrush at all?

- We use them for their ability to clean all surfaces of teeth. -

The ability to remove plaque from a plaque on the teeth, thereby preventing the accumulation of tartar and calculus them, if used correctly and for the period sufficient.

If ... How to choose the appropriate brush teeth?

Teeming markets and forms of different types of toothbrushes, which is a variety and different forms need to meet the needs of different users, has developed a Dental Associations, the most important in the world conditions and Dwabta to be provided in the brush the teeth to carry out their tasks to the fullest, namely:

- In terms of form must be made toothbrush well help its user access to all tooth surfaces of the phenomenon and easily cleaned, is achieved by choosing a toothbrush with a pregnant short flexible neck.

- The brush handle must be long and broad so as to ensure comfort and ease of use, especially those made for children, because Kovvhm not be able to hold the handles high just as easy.

- Brush head should be circular or oval without any redundancies or sharp edges so it does not harm teeth or gums during brushing.

- Hair brush preferably Msfofa of two rows of four rows, and each comprising a row of five to twelve strands, depending on the size and shape of teeth, must have felt the brush made of nylon material because it is more hygienic than other materials and more suitable for use inside the mouth not recommended to use brushes made of natural hair because it helps the accumulation of bacteria and multiply inside the brush itself, because of cavities and holes in the natural hair itself.

- Must be the ends of hair brush and _khaslha cropped so that it is in contact with her teeth relatively circular, and not perfectly straight, so as to reduce the possibility of scratching or injuring the teeth gums.

Available in the market toothbrushes Bsairat rough and smooth, medium soft, you should stay away from coarse whole and the use of medium-soft, while those who suffer from infections and bleeding gums Vinsahon using toothbrushes soft, so as to protect the gums from any possibility of the wound or bleeding.

Tips and other guidance recommended by the Dental Associations:

- Use the honor teeth instead of one rotation.

- Change your toothbrush when you change the color of her hair or Tsjhaa and separation _khasladtha.

- Change your toothbrush after colds.

- Taking the time sufficient to clean the teeth, and are advised to use alarm clock, especially for children.

- Clean teeth properly semi-circular, and top to bottom, instead of right to left.

- Use a rinse after brushing teeth, which increases the effectiveness of the role of the toothbrush. -

The use of brushes manufactured specifically for people with special needs people, which is characterized by Bmkabdha petition, or those precautions to be installed in the arm of her employer if he suffered from tremors or difficulty of control.

- It is recommended also using electric toothbrushes for this category of people because it helps them to clean their teeth better in a shorter time period. It also facilitates the task of cleaning the teeth of this category if carried out by someone else. Toothbrush How to choose the appropriate?

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