Five major causes of bad breath bad

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Five major causes of bad breath bad

1. Dirty teeth, 90% of mouth odor comes from the mouth, whether from food or addressed by the bacteria in the mouth. Says Dr. Richard Price, spokesman for the American Society of teeth, "the odor of the mouth like a scent for the body, caused by microbes that live within or on the body. For the mouth, it means the bacteria that live inside the mouth, which interact with the remnants of blood, tissue, food, consisting a strong smell of sulfates. " If you do not clean your teeth well-established groups of bacteria causing the bad odor and appearance.

2. Normal condition, some cases of natural causes in the mouth, the growth of bacteria and bad breath, such as dry mouth, and inflammation of the gums. The dry mouth, a major cause of bad breath bad. Saliva helps to move the bacteria in the mouth and not to establish a favorable environment for bacteria to survive, while encouraging dry mouth to be bacteria, in the spring and summer allergy medicines cause dry mouth, while the drought caused heating in the winter.

3. Foods with strong smells, if you were strong before eating, it is likely would be awesome when he graduated. The list includes, onion, garlic, alcohol, and tobacco. Not only eat flavored strong smell of the mouth, it enters the bloodstream Vtaatnevsh You are over four hours at least before easing smell.

4. Lack of carbohydrates, may look great after the completion of the diet, Atkins, Low carb, but does not speak with one of enthusiasm, because the lack of carbohydrates cause the burning of stored fat, and thus gain access to a condition called Kiutzeys, while burning fat, gathering material Alkithonz, and graduated with a breath and, unfortunately, Fraianha be very strong.

5. Disease, often accompanied by respiratory tract infections in the mouth, bad smell, as well as diabetes and heartburn caused by acid liquid exit from the stomach into the esophagus, and can cause liver disease, kidney and bad smell of the mouth.

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