Household insects and the threat the transfer of diseases, and how to get rid of them

A household insects a major threat to human health due to their way of living and nutrition, it is considered the largest carrier at risk of infectious diseases, where the transfer of diseases and germs from one place to another, as a result of its great in the transfer of bacteria that cause many diseases, what are the means of prevention of such insects adverse effects.
Must first identify the insects and the places where there are high, which are breeding them, all the utensils and tools, open kitchen to be a breeding ground for these insects, so they should be covered from all sides, and when these insects in large quantities can use chemicals and deadly that have proved effectiveness in the eradication of flies, in the days of increasing temperatures should not be left and meals are open both in the kitchen or outside Froaih food for example, attract flies, and must save the foods and fruits in the fridge home, which is the ideal place to save all kinds of fruits, even bananas is transformed by the cold crust to the color black, but the interior portions thereof, remain reserved and fresh.
Care and attention to the tools folder of waste and dirt in the house, and not left open and disposed of on a daily basis, and other insects, mosquitoes and the types of flies, the other, many of which cause allergic reactions of the skin, despite the proliferation of these insects are large in the summer with the intensification of temperatures, large parts of remain even in the chapters of the cold, and caused damage to the stings healthy human body is shown as the site involved in the form of circles and red spots on the skin, and in some cases cause fever, high temperature, weakness and fatigue.
In the allergic state alone disappears flush without medical treatment, so it was a means of prevention of great importance in avoiding diseases caused by biting and disease epidemiology, this is done by wearing cotton clothes, choose the appropriate colors, especially dark, including such as color, blue, green, and wear long dresses during sleep as well as clothing closed, as they must to avoid odors and perfumes, soaps scented in the laundry, and choose the right moments to work among the flowers in the garden of the house, so as not to be during times of sunrise and sunset, and so on intervention and prevention of harmful insects and small animals within the circle of home care and maintenance it epidemics and infectious diseases suffered by the house every now and then

During the summer insects abound

Here's disease is caused by the disposal methods


Fly insect movement of typhoid, cholera, conjunctivitis pus. Flies and annihilated in the following ways:
* Is sprayed on the kitchen floor at night, a pesticide sweep the floor in the morning.
* Sprayed deadly poison to insects on the windows and those infested with flies.
* The use of stickers on which any lacquer flies and placed in the location of the flies frequently, and leave Vetjma flies stick to it and annihilated and burned the paper.
* Use of pesticides after spraying to be closing the windows and doors, and then compile and burn.


Infested with mosquitoes in those areas and wetlands, ponds, swamps, and moves a lot of serious diseases as yellow fever and malaria are eradicated in the following way:

* Pour oil petroleum) oil) in the sinks of water drainage, especially in the summer.
* Badth smoking house gas, sulfur dioxide and this process needs to be warned.
* Use of pesticides after spraying to be closing the windows and doors.


The movement of cancer. And to exterminate the cockroaches follow the following:

* Fill the barrel of sinks and toilets in the night with a piece of tile and more.
* Pouring toxic fluids or oil in the holes, sinks and toilets, then it was water in the morning.
* Throw balls of flour paste, insecticides at the place where cockroaches abound in places far from the reach of children.


* Still crumbs and leftovers from the tables, a cupboard of food.
* Legs are placed on tables or reservoirs in time for a small, waterproof coating of oil from oil.
* Spray cracks that housing the ants powder insecticide.


* To be put woolen clothing, fur, blankets, carpets, air conditioning, and clean the brush thoroughly to remove eggs or young worms, and then kept in clean boxes or cardboard boxes inside the court and cover with a few of naphthalene. Soap or soap with fragrance of any flavor.
* To keep clothes from moths should be suspended small bags containing a few naphthalene or soap.


* Rats carrying the plague, and is disposed of using toxic products ready for the Eradication of rats, mice, and the use of traps placed at the table or close to the wall, away from the corridors.
* Are wiped out mice using traps in which a bait, and be careful to touch it a lot because the rats smell of human fast and refrain from entering.
* Wild chamomile herb is placed in the areas inhabited by mice, he ran away from the smell they hate.


Movement of typhoid, and is disposed of rinsing the hair cream mercury after washing the head with hot water and soap every three days, and this process will continue for a period of twenty days, or rub the hair of about one teaspoon of powder contains a substance (d. D. V) every eight or ten days.

Annihilated and lice spray clothing clothes on her back powder contains a substance (d. D. V) by 10% and left twenty-four hour, then washed and boiled white cotton Tkoy them and, taking into account the large number of exposing furniture to direct sunlight.


Insect fleas carrying plague; where transmitted en route from rats, cats and dogs to humans, and is disposed of furniture introduced to the heat of the sun very strong, and methods Strict hygiene and the use of pesticides

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