White bread increases the risk of heart disease

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White bread increases the risk of heart disease

Reached a new study that eating meals that contain a high proportion of white bread and "pasta" increases the risk of heart disease more than doubled. The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday that the study by researchers from Milan in Italy have warned that the foods with high levels of sugar in the blood increase the risk of deadly diseases. The study, which included more than 47 thousand people that men are not at risk as the same as it is for women, perhaps because they are affected by heart disease in different ways for women. They added that the foods that contain a high of sugar, according to index of sugar in the blood include rice, pasta, cereal breakfast the morning like, made from corn, and others, pointing out that, despite the fact that many of the fruit contains a low percentage of sugar, but some can be classified in the category of foods rich in this article like a pumpkin and parsnips and melons. The researchers said that women dealing with foods rich in sugar are more likely than others to heart disease by 2.24 others. It is not known, researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Milan, why women are more affected than men if the index of blood sugar high triglyceride levels more than men. A study reported recently that the Middle Eastern foods rich in fruits and vegetables and fish and low reliance on red meat and fat may protect against Alzheimer's disease.

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