Cola may affect male fertility

Publié par happy-diet mardi 20 avril 2010

Cola may affect male fertility

A new study shows scientists Hospital (Rigshospitalet) Danish consumption of soft drinks containing cola may affect the fertility of men by causing damage to sperm.

And the new study included 2500 people were to know the number of sperm and quality of the participants.

The results showed that sperm quality was better and the number of individuals who do not consume cola products in contrast to individuals who consume products of cola per day with the number of sperm Bainathm by 30% compared to healthy individuals.

And scientists say that the reason behind the low sperm count is not due to caffeine Eola as other natural sources of caffeine such as tea and coffee did not affect fertility or sperm count.

And adds that scientists could be harmful eating habits in general, such as eating fast food and cola is the reason behind the decline in fertility, but they need to conduct more research to know the real reason.

It is known that the World Health Organization does not consider that low sperm count by 30% over the normal limit cause infertility but this ratio may lead to the emergence of problems of reproduction and fertility.

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