Phyto: anti-fatigue plants

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Phyto: anti-fatigue plants

A little bit of slack at the time of the change of season? With Dr. Chevallier, discover plants essential to your anti-fatigue.

* 1. Why are you tired?
* 2. Fatigue: the essential micronutrients
* 3. Fatigue: plants consume with moderation
* 4. Fatigue: the essential plants

Why are you tired?

Chronic fatigue or passenger has multiple causes, and it is often important to alter your diet to help combat and control it through various plants known for crippling fight against this evil. A follow some simple rules to arm themselves.

Fatigue: the essential micronutrients

It is essential to verify that you do not miss some essential micronutrients to combat fatigue. Vitamin C, whose main sources are citrus (orange, lemon) to eat twice a day in winter, parsley (to sprinkle on salads and vegetables all), and red fruits in summer. You also need to verify that you do not miss that vitamin B9 sources are leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach), lightly cooked green vegetables, blue cheese and yeast. You must also ensure that you absorb the iron (red meat and fish) and magnesium (pulses).

To boost your anti-fatigue, and discover some effective plants.

Fatigue: plants consume with moderation

A little bit of fatigue, a small coffee! Dr. Chevallier said that this plant, such as tea, or guarana, mate or kola plant are not struggling against fatigue, but plants that stimulate the body and thus may exhaust.

It is recommended not to abuse it because they are in too large quantities (over 5 cups) to interfere with your absorption of iron administered by food (essential micronutrient to fight against fatigue). Drink with moderation.

Fatigue: the essential plants

Dr. Chevallier recommends choosing plants "adaptogens" such as:

- The Eleutherococcus, to consume 300 mg capsule (unless you have problems with high blood pressure)

- Traditional ginseng at least six qualified by the Chinese herb and root of divine life which has the capacity to be a powerful stimulant tonic. The Chinese say that could add ten years to those who use!

- Thyme.

But also, spirulina, which through its compounds in protein, minerals and elements that is very effective against chronic fatigue. Recommended to combat fatigue and strengthen the body in general and especially stimulate the immune system, the reishi mushroom Asian is used when fatigue persists and "depressed patients" and retonifie body.

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