Fitness pool

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Fitness pool


All equipped gyms now offer a swimming pool panel extended over water. Besides aerobics "traditional", new activities emerge: aquaboxing, aquastep, aquabiking, aquajogging ... Focus on what you can expect in the big bath.

The bodycombat becomes aquaboxing
Only the "field" training of these two activities is different because the principle is the same: use techniques inspired foot-fists martial arts and boxing. Direct dodge, hook, footwork, attacks, everything is there! Equipped with suitable gloves, you rock out on a rhythm and tonic simple sequences. Water eliminating the risks of breakdown or pulled muscle, there is no risk of getting hurt!

The step becomes aquastep
Obviously, the course is suited to the element ... point as choreography twirling room, and for good reason! Water exercising pressure on the body nearly a thousand times greater than air, it would be humanly impossible to follow their frantic pace. The meeting is no less challenging, original weighted with these steps, and rewarding. Agitation of water caused by the movement of your body causes a massage more effective. More movements are faster, the massage is done in depth.

RPM becomes aquabiking
This group program Indoor Cycling Music alternating relief and terrain profiles. Its aquatic equivalent is milder but equally effective. Each participant's ability to adjust the intensity of exercise (sprint, walk, mountains ...) simply by turning the rotary resistance. For comfort on the pedals, it is useful to provide slippers or aqua aerobics Croker. The watchwords are speed and strength, maintains its ability aquabike while cardiac muscle. The back is spared, the legs are tapered, fat burned.

The treadmill is the aquajogging
You agree that running in water is much more fun than on a carpet! Belted waist, you must move without touching the ground with his feet. This is an excellent exercise to drain and remove cellulite. Moreover, it is safe for the joints because you do not risk hitting the floor. You feel light, the submerged body weighing only about a quarter of its weight. Finally, we must know that a quarter of an hour worth aquajogging three quarters of an hour on the ground!

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