Cuminum Cyminum

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Cuminum Cyminum

Cummins and plant grass around a height of about 50 cm and has a hollow stem and leaves linear somewhat similar to the Triple-papers. Flowers clustered at the end of branches in the form of the umbrella of the color yellow at maturity fruits are semi-rectangular flatbed striped with dark brown color. Have a smell aromatic part of the plant used the fruit that is known to many people with seeds. A plant known to the family Aljimp, is characterized by pungent smell, a famous spice. .

And called on the latency other names such as Tunisia and Dill known latency scientific name cuminum cyminum umbrella of the platoon.

The original home of the latency
The original home of the latency Egypt, Turkistan, but is grown today in different regions of the Mediterranean basin and in Iran, Pakistan, India and China and the southern United States of America.

Chemical content of cumin

Contain the fruits of latency on volatile oil and the principal component of this oil is a component of aldehyde, gamma-and beta-turbine Ben Barraza and right and fatty oils

Why did the ancient medicine for latency?

Cummins custom in ancient Egypt, which was cultivated in abundance on the banks of the Nile was known property of the Pharaohs latency analysis and leaching and cleaning They were rendered as gifts to temples. The latency in the ancient papyri in more than 60 prescriptions. Cummins came in Pharaonic papyri Kocefat therapeutic for more than 60 condition For The latency Papyrus the most for the treatment of fever, tapeworms, indigestion and intestinal colic and repelling against the winds of the large number of menstruation. He also made the Egyptians paint cumin home to stomach pain, rheumatism and arthritis pain and colds and healing of burns and against cases of scabies and used Cummins also from abroad for parts sores, wounds and foul-smelling spray to localized abscess hernia and burns. The doctor said Greco Decor Rides "latency when the strength of heated expels wind and analyzed and the capture and drying and is used with the oil with the honey to heal wounds and if you crush the cumin, vinegar and smelled a cut bleeding from the nose as well as if made from a piece drenched in the nose."

The Jalnius "latency heartbreaking gravel and remove a swollen stomach cramps, and bloody urine and is used with cumin oil Kdhan swollen testicle."

Ibn Sina:

Essence: cumin varieties Kermani, including black and yellow فارسي including Shami, including Nbti and Persian stronger than Al-Shami and Nabati is located in other places and all ground and a gardener. More pungency and land, and land like a seed right iris.

Said Deskoraydos: Gardener good taste, especially Kermany and after the Egyptian has been growing in many countries has a rod length of an inch and paper four or five Dakkak fluted pads Alchahtrj with the heads of small and latency so-called Kominon Ogrion any latency land grows many city Kgaydron a plant has a leg length inch flour by four or five papers is cracked and the tip Sus five or six small round soft fruit in the fruit or something Kalakecr Bran Takes Balbozor.

The seed of most of the pungency and the gardener to grow on Tlul and sex of the other ground cumin like Balbstani and comes out from both sides commented junior high like horns like the right Balhuniz and seed if drinking was good for the nibbling vermin.

Choice: Kermany stronger than the Persian and Persian stronger than others.

Copyright: hot and dry in the second in the third.

Properties: the power of heated expels wind and analyzes and the cutting and drying and are taken as said.

Accessories: If you wash your face called a hundred, as well as take and use as much of the begrudged dealt with zero color.

Tumors and warts: Using Bkirouti, oil, flour Removable tumors on the testicles, but with oil or with oil and honey.

Wounds and sores: competencies for surgery, especially land which is similar to seed right iris if felt by the surgery too.

Members of the head: If you crush the cumin vinegar and defy him to cut a nosebleed, as well as that introduced him to the wick members of the eye: May chewing and mixed with oil and dripping at Al Dhafra and Khopp blood under the eyes Vinf If chewing with salt and Qatar saliva on scabies and how scraped and Al Dhafra prevent adhesive .

And the essence of land vacated sight and brings a tear is called in Greek Qaiyos any smoke and brings a tear as he does smoke is also located in Kkawiat plucking hair, eye Flainept.

Members of the self: If watering withheld mixed with water hardness benefit from the self.

Members Alinvd: Using oil on testicular tumor and perhaps used Bkirouti and perhaps used oil and flour and crumbled stone cherry Strawberry Potato products, especially land and benefit from the distillation of urine and blood and urine cramps and bloating.

And the essence of wild honey, powdered water Launches nature.

Rufus said: Cummins Nabati facilitate the abdomen and the Kermany it is not known, but reasonable and lawn wild racking repeatedly in the urine.

Poisons: drink called for snap vermin, especially land, which the near-seed right iris.

Say about Antioch:

Latency: the so-called (Triple-and Greek Krminon, Persian Minister, which is either black, a Kermany called Albasilqon means medicine royal, or a Persian yellow, or latency usually is white; and all either gardener cultivated or wild growing that he is Kalrazyanj but shorter and paper round and seed in wreaths Kalshpt; and the finest all ground Kermany Fbstanih, Fberi Persian Fbstanih and Ordwh gardener white, and Scams Eroya known perfumed aroma and elongation of love and stay strong for seven years, which is hot and dry well in the last third-and-white in the first Strong - mitigation so that the meat by softening the goal, and solve the wind never even coating peseta cooked it and expels cold and eliminates tumors and pushing toxins and poor digestion and the border, and hard soul and colic strong drink, vinegar and water - and the congestion of oil, and the finest integrated with beans or barley and produces except menstrual Afiktah Ffersjp oil and analyzes - blood trapped band A, and a lust for the mud and the like Ocala, and instilled in sores eye, scabies Mahkok, with the egg whites to prevent conjunctivitis warm and whistle cold Souka The blending Balsaatar and gargle Btbejh housing Toothache and downs experienced and Galloway skin with the mouthwash and Asarth of sight and the ways and Al Dhafra salt and Blink alone.

And its properties: the baby if the fat Bmtbouchp not generated by the lice and fruit yellows color, and the frequency of it - grow if include women, and that tells if the promise of water as well as said from sows, which strikes the lung and fix Alkthirae, and changes of each type than the other and instead of the whole Alkroya Right and shallots and white it may be called the Nabatean and when under Balhbshi Lions, and Balormeni Falcroya, and Ahalovalonison and Kadiradbalosudmnh Alhuniz.

Why did modern medicine for latency?
Recent studies have shown that the latency is good for anti-microbes. As it turned out that Cummins has the ability to maintaining effective materials for seven years, a stimulant of the stomach and an excellent repelling winds.

There are uses of internal and external, as follows:

Uses of the Interior:
Cases of colic, indigestion and swelling of the stomach and the large number of menstruation, intestinal worms and cases of cold used to fill a teaspoon of cumin powder filled with a cup of boiling water and leave the mixture to soak for ten minutes and then listen and drink at a cup in the morning and another in the evening. Cases of convulsions and nervous lack of appetite for food used consisted of boiling a teaspoon of cumin powder in one liter of water, cumin powder blends by one gram to one teaspoon of honey bee great. For the treatment of rheumatic and pain. Cumin oil is used by 10 points on any hot drink covered by the patient after breakfast and dinner.

T. Alastamala of Foreign Affairs:

Used to heal wounds and sores that uses a mix of oil and honey and cumin powder to paint the affected premises. To cure testicular tumors: using paint topical ingredient cumin powder + olive oil + flour. For the treatment of scabies and itching: use cumin with salt paint topically.
To stop the bleeding nose: use the fuse of cotton saturated with oil, cumin powder and placed inside the nose.
To remove the face and get spots on the skin net: Used For latency Gsola water three times to the face every day.
Was made recently in France under the name of Koumil drink helps to remove undigested appetizing and is useful in cases of convulsions, rheumatism, burns and scabies.

Cummins is also added to some foods to give it taste good. In addition, oil latency to sweets Tatterha also used oil latency in the manufacture of perfumes, is also used in baking bread and cakes, pickles and added to many dishes, especially dishes ancient oriental, and in the Netherlands goes into making cheese in Germany, added to pastries and bread Tatterha.

Name of the plant: Triple.

Their locations: the valleys, and near houses, and lanes leading to it.

Description: leaf around me starts to grow with the early spring, a set of legs green blood-planned lines, minutes, subdivided into several branches, each branch topped leads green-minute soft is like paper in the rest of the plants, turn this thread after the aging plant to the color yellow, as well as the market.

What Fajdhara flower-shaped umbrella, circular, and at the beginning of their formation, carrying a small green pills. Venus and subdivided into groups, each group bearing, as of grain, and in late summer start yellowing, and growing grain-borne while retaining the color to the first, and these grains have a polygonal shape a nice scent and size as the size fennel seeds.

The length of the plant and the environment depends on the palace's growing, the soil was good and many of the water rising to more than two meters, although the land was not good and water Faisal few high as a meter or slightly more. Has a nice smell, and the people of the region using its branches miswaak because like the mouth.

All parts of this plant taken advantage of where the thread noodles and cook as well as branches of wetlands and eaten at the beginning of the growth of this plant. Also describe the fruit of many diseases such as underground, nausea, vomiting and other is tested.

View of the plant most scientists Arab veterans, as well as some researchers, modern, with a view to establishing this type of plant said the benefits from it in conversations Mustafa peace be upon him, which include saying: ((if it was something to save oneself from death was Senna and Triple)) In addition to what was stated in the impact and the Arab heritage with him.

Is what some linguists for the plant stop the Abu Hanifa: ((Tell me a Bedouin from expressing Oman said: "Triple our latency. And said:" It is not our country, but comes from Kerman. He told me other Motif: A Alrazyanj We grow it, which we have many. He said: This is a particular Razianjkm the poet said:
Quail are not Balsnot including Alice ... They denied that their neighbor Iqirda

The more people there, said some of the narrators: Triple-here fennel, said: the Lord.

It was said: Honey, said: latency. The son of a Bedouin: the love of similar latency and it does not have)). Abu Hanifa, in another place that Saturday, no dill.

It is already clear to us scholarly disagreement on the identification of this type of plant. The more correct to say that I'm the Bedouin is true; because the majority of living Aserap agree on this designation, which he said I'm like a Bedouin latency to the point of confusion, but the checker in vegetables notice the difference. Vneptp latency converge its market and its forks, and fruit combined with each other, the Triple-Each leg grows out of the unit root, fruit pie, but sporadic. The fruit of cumin seeds, different from the Triple-grain, brown is better, and the second green. Has compared the vegetables compared to the process, in order to identify subtle differences between Alnepttin pulled the differences earlier.

What is stated in the house of the hippocampus between Qaqaa, is likely to be intended to honey, and not plant; because the Arabs are always between the couple the ghee and honey. Based on this, so that the word Triple-words of the common verbal, and be factor in determining the significance of context, the word contained therein. And still the people of this region, but the people Aserap agree that this name calling this type of plant. The Ntgahm of the word actually opening the Seine with its emphasis included Nun, a language I'm fluent said air: ((The story annexation of the Seine and the conquest disclosed ..))

Among the benefits he chased the latency of the gases and increase digestive secretions and the generation of milk when lactating.

Useful in the treatment of acidity, cramps and bloating in the volatile oil is used in the manufacture of perfumes.

Recipe for the treatment of spasticity and the expulsion of wind and gases

- Put a tablespoon of cumin in a liter of water and boiled on the fire, taken from half a cup of boiled before eating half an hour three times a day for a period of fifteen days.

- To milk yield in lactating mixes a little honey in one gram of powder, cumin, given to lactating women.

In the movable articles of the benefits of latency:

The latency repellent for ants, which complains of the ant in his home Put a few crushed cumin, whether or love, God willing, will go ants irreversible it is better than pesticides, killing ants is haraam.

So do not miss latency Take the tip of spoon and place it on the ant and always fun Tsui.

You try and governance

For the generation of semen Andalrjal

As part of the mix, garlic, cumin, anise and horseradish equally right, and everyone mixes with honey, so break it up every morning in the generation of sperm.

And also it is of benefit in women liquid moisture

If I kept women drinking latency and endurance with it, it goes a liquid moisture in the womb, whether chronic or incident

Cumin: the treatment of sore eyes and calm Thejeha by using it after boiling and washing the eye by the menstrual pain, cramping, gastric, used to expel wind, and the fight against obesity and the soaked little of it in a cup of boiling water with a lemon cut rings and leave overnight and then drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach.

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