Pancreatic cancer: a rare disease .. But he fought a ruthless

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Pancreatic cancer: a rare disease .. But he fought a ruthless

The pancreatic cancer among malignant tumors less widespread, but nonetheless of the most caused the death, because of the difficulty of early detection of the common symptoms with other diseases or non-existent in some cases, and chemotherapy used to address other types of cancer is not effective in the battle against him.

And recorded in the United States each year 38 thousand new cases of the disease, which is being harvested each year 36 thousand victims, which means that it causes death in 95 per cent of the cases, and some doctors that smoking, obesity and genetic factors among the most prominent causes.

Dr Andrew Lui, President of the researchers Oncology at the University of Moworz California, this disease: "is considered among the worst human cancer, and the highest mortality rate", according to some statistics, the cancer of the pancreas in fourth place in malignant cause of death in America, after lung cancer, colon and breast.

And doctors often face considerable difficulties for the detection of pancreatic cancer early, due to its seemingly simple, like a mother abdomen, jaundice, loss of appetite or weight, note that the disease may not be accompanied by symptoms at all.

Doctors say tests conducted for the detection of pancreatic cancer are very sensitive to changes unrelated to cancer, may reflect the emergence of inaccurate results, unlike the types of other cancers that can detect specific types of tests, I do not have modern medicine specific test from which detect this disease.

Attention Louis that there was some progress in methods for the detection of the disease, although it acknowledges that it does not compare the progress made on other types of cancer, stressing the need to provide funding for research, revealing the existence of efforts to develop a biometric indicator indicates that the disease through a blood test may indicates the existence of a specific protein in patients.

And restore the Louis cause less attention to the relative pancreatic cancer, compared to other diseases, not to spread widely, explaining this by saying: "The number of cases recorded annually from breast cancer is about 200 thousand cases, compared to 40 thousand deaths, while the record of pancreatic cancer each year 38 thousand new cases, compared to 36 thousand deaths. "

For his part, "said Matthew Walsh, a specialist in a hospital," the Cleveland Clinic, "The chemotherapy is useful in cases of colon cancer, but its benefits did not prove to confront situations of the pancreas.

It is assumed Walsh that smoking and obesity may increase the risk of this deadly disease, in the opinion of Dr. Otis Brule, President of the Medical Section in the General American cancer, the genetic factor may play an important role "He cites the example of the family of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who died of his mother and sister and his brother, the disease

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