Cystitis: when things get complicated

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Cystitis: when things get complicated

There is nothing alarming to make up to 4 per year cystitis. In addition, doctors prescribe further examination: cystoscopy (one looks into the bladder with a camera), radiography of the abdomen, kidney and bladder ultrasound before, during and after urination. But we must recognize that, in most cases, no specific cause is highlighted. The woman was "just" bad luck to be more susceptible to infections there, probably because of its characteristic bladder mucosa. In addition, recurrent infections have a certain degree of inflammation that does not help standing out mucosal defense against microbes.

The most serious complications of cystitis is pyelonephritis. Without appropriate antibiotic treatment, the infection reaches the top of the urinary tract (ureters, kidneys), resulting in a fever over 39 ° C and severe pain in lower back. Should be consulted immediately, as pyelonephritis may lead to sepsis, that is to say the blood contamination by germs, and damage the kidney.

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