Well-functioning kidney

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Well-functioning kidney

To be sure that our kidneys are working well, just accept the analysis of urine as occupational medicine offers us. The presence of albumin or blood may indicate an impairment of kidney or bladder, which will require further investigation for confirmation. The assay in blood creatinine gives a good picture of kidney function. This allows especially to calculate the clearance, a more accurate indicator of the filtration rate, given the age, sex and weight. Its normal value is about 100ml/min. It may also be assayed urea: regular reviews are recommended in cases of diabetes or vascular disease and after middle age.

I have backache ...
The two small bean-shaped organs located below the ribs, cause very little pain. When we say we 'backache', it is usually the back that makes us suffer. Only exception: when a calculation blocks the passage of urine, triggering renal colic. The other kidney diseases cause few symptoms. Nearly 3 million people suffer from kidney failure and to varying degrees without knowing it.

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