Cranberries wish you well!

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Cranberries wish you well!


More likely to escape the cranberries! So much the better: those delicious little berries come from the United States are full of virtues. Enjoy, it's good season.

Native to North America, this small red berry taste slightly bitter had already won acclaim from the Indians. In addition to using it as war paint, they knew him the virtues against various pains, injuries and gastric. Their findings are now confirmed by an impressive number of scientific studies. The research is unanimous in its richness in antioxidants is an official partner of health.

Protective mucus
Like all antioxidants, those of the cranberry protect our cells from free radical attack. They thus help to slow aging or prevent certain diseases (rheumatic diseases and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer). However, these anti-oxidants have a "something more": they protect the mucous membranes by preventing pathogenic bacteria to adhere. Studies have shown that cranberries and limit the occurrence of dental plaque, and thus the risk of periodontitis (gum disease). They strengthen the stomach lining, making it less prone to ulcers caused by bacteria and other lesions that can cause cancer. Finally, they cleanse the urinary tract and bladder, thus preventing cystitis, even those resistant to antibiotics.

Fresh, dried or juice?
The ideal dose was estimated at a 30 cl glass of juice per day or the equivalent in the form of fruit. That's good, it can be cooked in a variety of ways. And with its 46 Cal 100 g, it should not go without it!
From mid-October to mid-January, some supermarkets offer cranberry transparent trays or perforated bags in the fruit and vegetables. They keep one month in the crisper or a year in the freezer. You will find them in a sauce traditionally served with Thanksgiving turkey, but also accompanies pancakes, ice cream and yoghurt. They are eaten dried like raisins, and form of beverages.
Taste the juice after it is cut in half over low heat, again advise our leader. Once its concentrated aromas, it is cooked with shellfish, raw fish, meat or desserts. Yum!

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