Recurrent cystitis: they are treated better

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Recurrent cystitis: they are treated better


When cystitis occur so often that they poison the life he really needs to be addressed. Stop the medication and sometimes go to a urologist.

Cystitis from time to time, it is highly treatable. A single dose of antibiotics removes the infection and is no longer mentioned. But 10% of women experience painful alternatives. Either they are dragging forms: once they stop the antibiotic, the infection leaves. Either they suffer from insidious forms: every two or three months, it starts again. Some are even constantly hampered from cystitis to the fungus, the fungus with cystitis. A comprehensive care is essential. Five tips that have proven themselves.

Stay hydrated enough. The goal: to ensure a good urine output, that is to say a good rate of flow of urine. By "washing" regularly urinary tract decreases the stagnation of germs. Must still empty their bladders without waiting when the need arises.

Encourage a regular bowel movement. It is essential to combat chronic constipation, including faecal stasis at the end of the colon, which encourages infections neighborhood. Among the solutions: a bag of sorbitol in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of cold water (a soft drink contract the transverse colon, facilitating the spread of fecal).

Take a long-term antibiotic treatment. For six months, with three taken per week, in small doses, just so that germs do not multiply in the bladder.

Make a proper estrogen impregnation. In younger, micro-dosed pills do not have enough estrogen in vaginal. The same problem occurs with menopause, this time for reasons of "natural". It may act through regular eggs to maintain its mucous.

Cranberries morning and evening. These small berries decrease the adhesion of bacteria to bladder wall, reducing by half the risk of contamination of urine.

To learn more about cystitis with EurekaSanté, the public medical site edited by Vidal.

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