Down, it gets rid

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Down, it gets rid

To cover those unsightly shadows, several methods: thin, tear or even eliminate completely.

At home, gently
Quick and painless, bleaching makes the hair almost invisible in ten minutes. Beware however, if you are very brown, slightly down risk of becoming even more unpleasant blond mustache. Often enriched in anti-inflammatory ingredients or moisturizers, creams such attack little sensitive facial skin. Slight tingling sensation and some redness may occur but subside quickly with a soothing treatment.

In the esthetician, wax
If the warm waxing can be done at home, only the beautician knows perfectly prepare the skin, choose the most suitable wax and especially pull hair at the root without breaking it. A radical approach that appeals most perfectionists because the hair sample with the bulb does not reappear until a few weeks later. The advantage of wax is that it captures all the hair, even the thinnest and shortest. As for heat, it dilates the pores of the skin to facilitate the extraction becomes, in turn, less painful.

At the dermatologist: the final
Electrolysis is a small needle to slide along each hair. It broadcasts a mild shock which completely destroys the bulb. Stripped of its root, the hair does grow back. Small scars may appear on the following days but disappear by applying a repairing.
This method is quite unpleasant and tedious: the hair is removed one by one, several sessions are needed. But it remains very effective on small areas of the face.
Laser hair removal is less painful and faster. The laser produces a beam of light absorbed by the dark spots. Once affected, the hair and its root is weakened and finally destroyed during the sessions. A method is therefore suitable for brown-skinned and duvets rather dark. Count ten sessions.
For tanned skin, matte black, there is a risk of depigmentation. To avoid so if you return from vacation.

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