Discovery of childhood obesity from the sixth month

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Discovery of childhood obesity from the sixth month

, A new study by researchers at the center of Galveston at the University of Texas it is possible to detect obesity in infants in the sixth month of age. The website "Science Daily" on Wednesday, Dr. David McCormick, who led the study, and colleagues at the university, found out after the access to medical records for infants in the sixth month, who escorted them their mothers to the center of Galveston's medical detection routine that 16% of them who met criteria for study of obesity after comparing weight to height and is placed in the box infant obese compared with those of the same age group. The researchers also accessed through the medical files of a number of children in the post, that one of them if the fat in the second year of age is because it is, no fat, in the sixth month of age. This study is unique in that the doctors did not never be treated this issue seriously by both when the child reaches six months of age or even years, when accompanied by their mothers for them to clinics for the detection routine., "said McCormick," did not focus doctors on the problem of childhood obesity, only recently, "and expressed surprise at the lack of attention to this important aspect in the growth of the child in spite of the strong relationship between obesity in childhood and old age, and they cause serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. "If we addressed the problem of weight through nutrition and exercise at an early stage in life will be reflected a positive impact on children. "McCormick said in the study published in the journal Pediatrics, that early detection of obesity in children may prevent the health problems of the many they may encounter in their lives.

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