Unhappy marriages threat to the health of women without men

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Unhappy marriages threat to the health of women without men

Seems to be unhappy marriages affect not only the happiness of the partners, but also their health, especially women. According to a study announced by the American Society of diseases Alsikosomatip (mental and physical) in Chicago, the middle-aged women, not men, more susceptible to health problems associated with the unhappy marriage, such as high blood pressure and excess fat around the abdomen, and other factors that promote the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. Dr. Nissa Goldberg, a cardiologist and director of Women's Health Program at the University of New York that "bad marital relationship affects not only happiness but also on the health of couples."
In the study, researchers tracked, from the University of Utah 276 of the couples to see whether the depression is the real reason behind the fact that the unhappy marriages harmful to your health. The researchers found that marital relations unfortunate harmful to health, at least for women, since women in unhappy marriage are more likely than others to depression, and more susceptible to Syndrome metabolism, a group of risk factors increase blood pressure, and cause low levels of cholesterol, and obesity in the abdomen and the high percentage of sugar in the blood.
Said Nancy Henry, a researcher in clinical psychology at the University of Utah "for men who are in unhappy marriages relations, did not find what connects those Misery autosomal disease, but associated with depressive symptoms only." Henry said "This study does not mean that women's access to divorce in an unhappy marriage would necessarily improve their health." "I do not, we can say to women: Leave your husband and you'll be fine, there are many other factors involved in this matter, including healthy habits over the years." She added that the "anger and fighting in marriages is not successful can increase stress hormones, which are associated with insulin resistance, leading ultimately to a rise in blood sugar and increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes."

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