The effects of laughter on health and psychological human

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The effects of laughter on health and psychological human

Doctors confirm that the results of global research indicates that forgetting the worries and laugh over it strengthens the heart and Inashh and reduces blood clotting is the best medicine to strengthen the immune system and control the tension. The doctors have confirmed that laughter not only to improve the mental state and mood, but extends to hone the body's ability to resist diseases, even serious ones he keeps on the activity and vital organs of the body and the safety and freshness of the skin.

Says Dr. Sawsan Al-Ghazali professor of behavioral medicine at Ein Shams University research, many held a number of volunteers after watching some movies comedy laughter and the direct impact of laughter on the ability of immune cells than those in another group of people not exposed intentionally to any scenes of comic or comic. It was found that lymphocytes are very efficiently after bouts of laughter from the heart.
It is known that lymphocytes are the cornerstone of the immune system of the human body.

The study conducted on patients with tumors that those who exercise them in a natural way of life away from the sadness and emotion, depression, anxiety, and some optimism and fun respond to treatment faster and better than others.

It is well established scientifically that the incidence of viruses to be more in people who suffer from grief and Alakitab times and live a long time in anxiety and anticipation for certain things.

Advises Dr. Sawsan patients with asthma, heart riba-based non-vulnerability to crises and psychological tantrums and violent causes of tension and emotion and sadness, as such cases increases the vulnerability to bouts of usury sharp and narrow the airways were exposed to risk, and recommends that these welfare of self and smile and laugh and taking things easy ways and simple and away from the emotion and tension.

As indicated by Dr. Susan that a number of studies have also been conducted on the impact of laughter on patients with high blood pressure was found that just provoking laughter and chuckling out loud from the heart leads to a significant decrease in high blood pressure and this underlines the importance of laughter in the treatment of them.

On the other hand, the positive effect of laughter on patients with diabetes also in terms of lower level in the blood and return to a normal level.

Also, give a smile brighter and the elegance of the face and gives it a kind of relaxation and extroversion of the largest possible number of facial muscles unlike grins or pouting caused by the anger and sadness, which works on the emergence of signs of aging and aging rapidly.
This is confirmed by Dr. Hani al-Professor of Dermatology and Chairman of the National Center for Research, stressing that healthy laughter and positive emotion for freshness and youth face and to do certain health and safety of the skin and skin in general and confirmed scientific fact.

He said that the laughter as an exercise for the muscles of the face as a whole and therefore it keeps the skin taut and without aging and thus find it laugh often do not show signs of aging and suffer from the appearance of wrinkles earlier than those who are in such age and always find them a respite and a sad countenance does not leave Grin faces They find lines and signs of the times, disability and clear and prominent forehead and around the eyes and chin at the corners and all these lines appear in early.

Advised Dr. Hani drinking large quantities of water with optimism and laughter as a way of life and maintain a good mood and the sentiment is high all these things to maintain the freshness of the skin and permanent youth as reflected in the human external appearance.

According to Dr Ahmed Timor, professor of internal diseases, heart and head of the Arab Association for Alternative Medicine that laughter is a blessing from God Almighty motivated by pleasure and joy it improves the condition of the heart and lowers blood pressure and reduce the increase in heart rate and acceleration also reduces the secretion of some harmful chemicals secreted by the body during emotion and anger, which adversely affect the heart and blood vessels, it is known that laughter is healthy and natural by human certain periods during the rest and the resulting sharpening of activity and revitalize the human and the prevention of all traces of sadness and stress and nervous anxiety, all of which are the most important enemies of the heart , during the exercise of rights of the moments of joy and contentment, and laugh less secretion of certain hormones harmful Kalodreynalin and some other materials that are on the constriction of the arteries and cause harm that, during the process of laughter, what happens through the normal process is the deep breathing that drives more oxygen to the heart, lungs and other members of the body It is also at the same time is the process of unloading the shipment neurological lead to muscle relaxation and mental strengthen and activate the immune system, which in turn protects the body from invasion of various diseases.

And psychological point of view is laughing companion mood-high in the face of the health status of anti-depressants and mood low which leads to depression, virus infection and other various diseases which might be exposed to the body on a daily basis with a low mental state and the deterioration of morale and this is explained by psychologists that clinical depression is person who is unable to laugh, therefore, Laughter is the protection and prevention of diseases, physical and psychological levels.

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