Bad habits in the kitchen

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Bad habits in the kitchen

There are some bad habits pursued by the vast majority of people believe it is in no harm to them and they are good habits, although it may make our health on the brink of disease, we can mention the following summary:

The use of frying oil over and over again: that the frying oil many times contribute to the oxidized and therefore sensible for the release of harmful compounds to the body, especially the arteries, but there is no research referring to the role of those vehicles to raise cancer. The best thing you can do is throw the oil after frying it the first time. There is someone trying to add new oil to oil the old, that this attempt like the proverbial (b pour oil on the fire).

Add salt to the meat before Xie: This behavior is very bad because the salt works to absorb water from the meat, and this leads to the depletion of minerals and vitamins in it, especially iron. Must be roasted meat Olatm then add to it salt.

Over-spraying the food with spices, pepper and spicy materials: this will lead, sooner or later, to provoke and irritation to the mucous membrane lining of the stomach and the bowel becomes more vulnerable to Adthabat and sores that you leave behind organic and functional disorders ...

Eat raw eggs: the egg whites comprised 100% of the proteins, or rather the protein albumin, which contains the amino acids are necessary and essential for the body. But the main problem is that the egg white is a material difficult to digest does not benefit the body entirely if they eat raw because of containing white material daunting obstacle either the absorption of some amino acids, but fortunately, the cooked eggs allows the elimination of material inhibiting the above-mentioned turn away from white food hard to digest in one easy to digest ..

Frequent entry of food into the fridge to get him out: that this act opens the door to germs Sie harmful wakes up from a nap taking advantage of gaps in Alkaroqat heat between the atmosphere of the fridge and the atmosphere external to him, Vtaatcather and grow and release toxins harsh. That canned and preserved foods are the most vulnerable, from here should be consumed as quickly and not saved long ..

Cook on high heat: This procedure contributes to the dismantling of food and works to sabotage the enzymes and vitamins in it. Apart from this, it (ie, high-heat cooking taste) compounds leads to a strange to say the least it is suspicious ..

Contain a meal on food belong to one group: for example, that the meal which includes bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and others. Meal is not balanced, but incomplete. That (crayon) diet foods belong to different groups of food is essential to secure the needs of the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats and sugars ..

Put the meat in the freezer warm water immediately: that this would destroy the vitamins gassed. To avoid this should unpack binding to meat gradually ..

Eating too much food, pickles before and during: that exaggeration in the body of this deck pickles shipped many times what the body needs salt. And is well known that salt is accused of being the spark that made the trigger several diseases Perhaps the most important and best known high blood pressure ..

Drink water frequently during meals: It is error of overstatement, drinking large quantities of water with food, it will extend from the digestive juices become less able to digest food, thereby creating a fermentation and starts caused by gas puffs and noises.

A lot of drinks and sweetened soft drinks: such syrups carries with it quantities of sugars that are not established rights in the account, with the passage of time leads to obesity ..

A lot of sugars and sweets: There are two dangers implications follow from these foods are: tooth decay and obesity ...

Devouring goddess of the hostel the rest of the food in the dishes: This will result in an increase in energy consumption and thus increase in weight ...

Drink much coffee, milk and mixing coffee: that drinking coffee in moderation is beneficial, it is refreshing to the heart and an eye for the nervous system and stimulating mental activity and diuretic as it encourages digestion and palliative some thing .. The excessive drinking of coffee is produced by the various strikes Kalkhvqan, nervousness and insomnia as well as digestive disorders and turning.

For the mixing of milk with coffee is advised to stay away because the caffeine will unite with DDT (Kazaiin) found in milk, forming a combination difficult to swallow and transit through the stomach and intestines

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