herpes simplex

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herpes simplex

Herpes or herpes simplex or herpes simplex is a skin disease known since ancient times, and sufferers are reluctant to hospitals and doctors for advice, treatment, and few in number compared with other diseases such as herpes impetigo or fungal disease fungal diseases or allergies allergic diseases, but a source of inconvenience in disease herpes simplex
is the increase in the number of cases exposed to infection or carrier of the virus, estimated by some countries about 60-90% of the population and the calibration objects antibody Specific antibodies in the serum of human beings.

Herpes simplex is a viral disease that may affect humans in various stages of life, whether neonatal or childhood or adulthood or old age and known to have two forms:

Form 1 and when the incidence of skin symptoms appear in the upper half of the body.

Form 2 and when infection symptoms appear skin in the lower half of the body, especially in the genitals of the sexes

How the injury occur?

Infection occurs in this disease as a result of direct contact direct contact in the first instance or through exposure to the spray carrier of the virus droplet infection and exposure to infection may occur the phenomenon of symptoms or may be simple without symptoms with little or draws the attention of the patient.

What are the types?
HSV infection is of two types:

The primary infection primary infection
Could pass the disease without symptoms, draws attention to them in most cases, formed during this stage of objects antibody. But in other cases may appear to the situation of severe disease accompanied by high fever and rash on the skin and mucous membranes in the mouth, eye or anywhere else in the body as we shall see later.

High incidence of recidivism recurrent secondary infection
After infection the initial of the person, whether accompanied by physical symptoms manifest or passed without symptoms, it may take days, after that, but life as a whole without being that person for any phenomena of illness, disease, though they carry the virus as a result of injury primary, but besides this there is the proportion of people who have exposure to the initial injury, Taadeh symptoms from time to time, causing a nuisance, especially if they were in the same place and at frequent intervals and this is what is known as the high incidence of recidivism.

It was found that there are some conditions or diseases which, when exposed to or injured by a person may help the symptoms of the disease, herpes simplex, for example, fever, malaria, influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis and papyrus, tonsillitis, and there are some people may be infected Herpes simplex disease when exposed to sunlight, or eating certain types of foods or when exposed to stress or nervous stress, and in some females may accompany menstrual period the emergence of this disease. It was also proved that the disease herpes simplex that can accompany the illness suffered by the body's immune system immune system for any damage or confusion as in the case of cancer and diseases of the connective tissue connective tissue diseases, but despite these factors, there are some people may show symptoms without any apparent reason.

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