Energy therapy

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Energy therapy

." onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">This type of treatment was introduced in the West by senior psychologists from a combination of psychology and acupuncture, Chinese . And play the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine a major role in its origin, especially acupuncture, Chinese
Supposed Chinese medicine that life energy called chi "chi" permeated the body of every living organism is made up of the body at the Creation and the theory assumes that "Che" apply to the channels or lines are not visible and interrelated to each other and called these lines lines Meridian on each side of the body and these channels associated with each of the body and limbs. These lines converge on the surface of the body in different regions and identify specific points of energy. The theory assumes that the change in food and crises, physical abuse, infections and all the elements of adverse wind and cold and heat and humidity, drought and heat affect negatively and disruptive of the entry into force of chi energy and therefore this will lead to organic and psychological disorders. When you activate the Meridian points or appropriate power back into force of chi energy to normal and then recover again.

Chinese acupuncture has been known for five thousand years, the Middle East and now used worldwide to treat a wide range of mental illness and addiction and ended in sports medicine and improving performance in all areas.

Processors to modern energy

Teachings of modern energy therapy assumes that our thoughts constantly create electric power epidemiological lead to the launch of neurotransmitters and hormones and other chemicals in the body we feel Kaaoatef. And when there is no disruption or recession in the electric body force we feel Kaaoatef negative. In the case of continued obstruction, may lead to emotional suffering may lead to organic or psychological problems, but when it's gone disruption person regains its health, emotional and physical again.

There are several modern methods of treatment of energy and will be outlined in this area two of them:

1) emotional freedom technique
Is concerned with a method to get rid of negative emotions. The theory was built on this technology simply says that the reason for the composition of any negative emotion is the imbalance in the body's energy system. When the demise of this imbalance in the energy, is to get rid of emotional distress.

This technique is easy to apply and positive impacts of rapid and exciting, is to get rid of negative emotion in a short time. Here we note that instead of using acupuncture points to stimulate energy processor to turn a light touch at the end of the fingers on certain points.

In short, is the application in that, while focusing the client on the problem afflicting and live again all the feelings, the Palmas light finger of his hand on a certain power in specific locations in the body with the repetition of certain phrases, depending on the theory that touch leads to activate the power lines and restore balance back to the body's energy Vihakq what we want from treatment.

Almrddp phrases:
For example: "Although I am scared to use the elevator, I loving and receptive to the same are profound."
And interpretation of the phrase is that the person consents to the apprehension of the use of the elevator and, although it is the receptive and loving to himself.

This approach is unsuccessful in the treatment of many conditions such as allergies, insomnia, addiction, chronic depression, persistent sadness, trauma, and control tantrums, and an overwhelming desire to use any material Kalmskrat smoking and sweets and a lot of eating.

2) the method of Tabas
Treatment "tapas Vlmbenj" I started treatment acupuncture Chinese, and then developed this approach Bnzeritha that all that shock of an individual lead to intense psychological pressure, and when he says the recipient of the "shock" no "which does not accept them and try to ignore them and distance himself or repress inside, this results in the forces of internal conflict, because part of the person to say "no", or deny any object, and part of it to say "yes" that is, accept and recognize the status quo. This internal conflict and the denial of recognition creates a very tense, leading to an imbalance in the entry into force of chi energy occurs psychological disturbance.

We must therefore correct this imbalance or imbalance that says any part of your body said "no" during the shock to say yes again, that is, receptive to reality. The goal here to accept the consensus reality in order to end the conflict.

And the way in a highly simplified, touches the person-many fingers of his right hand on the three points of energy, the eyes and between them and your other hand back of his head and repeats some phrases.

Advantage of this method in treating many cases, have proven effective in controlling the negative emotions such as anger and bouts of different concerns, and the negative effects of severe psychological trauma, and allergic diseases

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