Finger length is genetically linked to hormone

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Finger length is genetically linked to hormone

According to scientific research that finger length is linked to genetically hormones estrogen and testosterone.

The team of British scientists, that the forefinger when consuming unusually when the man be a sign of excellence in the field of scientific thinking logical and mental development, stressing that scientists males have the capacity for research is good because their bodies have higher levels than the average of the hormone Oostrogen Women, which supports the analytical skills.


The level of the hormone estrogen women in the bodies of men in the study were high, like the hormone testosterone which is produced by the testis, which makes the right lobe of the brain have the responsible for the skills of spatial and analytical, and causes high estrogen scientists have male prospects for their ability to reproduce.

The study, conducted on a number of scholars to "University of Bath," that the scientists are male fingers index fingers longer than their counterparts from the ordinary men, evidence of the presence of high levels of estrogen in their bodies.

The study concluded that the person who is shorter than the index finger and pinky finger may have obtained a higher rate of the hormone "testosterone" when he was in the womb of his mother who is his index finger is longer, which is in turn inside the largest rate of estrogen.

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