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Exercise Wellness Secret

jogging benefits of it save you from a great anxiety and tension and lift your spirits and improve the performance of the functions of your body, I have come in the magazine (Women Health) U.S. several reasons why jogging is your favorite sport and these reasons are:

It is very easy:

Does not need to run to the organs of a complex, all you need is a pair of sports shoes and good then you are ready to practice, and does not need to run to the training and certain instructions to be followed, everyone knows how to exercise it, so what do you think of the sport that does not cost you material does not require you to certain skills?

Burns lots of calories:

The practice of jogging helps burn more calories than burn in the exercise of other sports that may require a lot of training and could be more expensive, such as rowing, cycling, and jogging makes your feet push blood to the heart attributable to the heart to pump blood in the arteries and the more I ran quickly as increased strength of your heart.

To your knees:

Did not believe the rumors that running hurts your knees, it is enough to know that the most serious disease of the bones which increases the risk of fragility in obese women four times the others, as well as up in obese men by five times the owners of ideal weight, it is obvious that the practitioner running the odds obesity, less than others, and run over the flow of blood in the ligaments and cartilage, which works to strengthen and maintain bone fragility.

To ease the tension:

Is running to reduce the tension and say, "Brooke Stevens" Anti, who won the New York City Marathon four times: "The tension in the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders disappear as soon as I start jogging," as demonstrated a study by the University of Georgia a group of people eating cereal enough to feel tension and then were divided into two groups and one rested and the other running exercises, and found that less concern to the members of the group who ran, and many psychiatrists are running as a treatment for many mental disorders such as depression and drug addiction.

Help prevent diseases:

Several experts agreed that the exercise will help in the prevention of infections cancer, particularly cancers famous (breast, colon, uterine and lung cancer), said a study published in the British Journal of Cancer that the persons most active are less vulnerable to cancer than others, experts have confirmed that running protects heart disease, diabetes and stroke as it strengthens immunity against colds and other viruses

To go on your age:

A study by Stanford University School of Medicine that exercise is the most important sport jogging can reduce the risk of death and disease deficit which increases the mental capacity and prevent the incidence of dementia and reduce inflammation.

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