Drug for cholesterol: high health risks

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Drug for cholesterol: high health risks

Reached the conclusion that anti-cholesterol drug may not be secure as a preventive measure as it was a lot of people think, especially those at high risk probability of blood clots in heart attack or stroke.

Loay Mohammed: the blessing of the U.S. government will expand the giant pharmaceutical company market by providing her medicine "Crestor" Crestor to reduce cholesterol to an audience of a new box: Vkijra protective will the millions of people who are not problems with cholesterol.
But some experts question whether the action was proper. They point out that the anti-cholesterol drug may not be secure as a preventive measure as it was a lot of people think, especially those exposed to the risk and low probability of blood clots in heart attack or stroke.

Remained the drug "Steitins" Statins have been commended to save the lives of thousands of people each year with relatively few side effects and some medical experts have advised to use more widely. But for the people's health Steitins taken as a precautionary measure and this is a box of individuals brought to the drug "Crestor," but some experts say the benefits may not more than side effects caused by drinking it. Among the concerns that were published in the recent period is that the use Steitins apt to raise the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 8%.

Said Dr. Mark Hlatki professor of health research, medicine, heart disease at Stanford University, a reporter for The New York Times "It is good to be skeptical about whether there is damage in the long run for people health in the event of their taking a drug like this. There is also discussion about the blood test that uses for the diagnosis of drug candidates to address Steitins. Instead of searching for bad cholesterol test measures the degree of inflammation in the body as a direct cause of cardiovascular problems. "
And approved "Food and Drug Administration," American standards of the new drug Crestor, made by Ostrazzinik and is today the second drug is sold in the market after Lipitor for Pfizer. Based on commercials for Crestor to what is stated in the approval of the Department of the drug.

According to the new standards, nearly 6.5 million people in the United States are candidates to address Staittens although they do not complain of cholesterol and do not have any heart problems. This is in addition to 80 million people are currently within the standards for people living with cholesterol and there are half of them taking a drug Staittens.

And wrote a brand new drug that bears the name Staittens Crestor that the drug prescribed for men's health from the age of fifty and above and women aged sixty and older and for those who smoke or with high blood pressure in addition to that it removes the inflammation of the body.

Some patients complained of itching in the muscles of their body because of eating a drug Steitins usually the doctors examine the patients who take medication from time to time to make sure that liver enzymes are abnormally high. If the doctors considered the side effects is very low compared to the benefits of the drug for people who have bad cholesterol, or those at risk of cardiovascular obstruction.

Then came the directory is not expected to link the drug Staittens risk of diabetes, which was announced in the journal "The Lancet" British Medical last month.

Recognized the Food and Drug Administration risk of diabetes type me and this is what it requests from the manufacturer to add this possibility in the case. But the agency, however, approved the use of the property by persons in the light of health as demonstrated by the decline in small but significant incidence of stroke and heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents lock.

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