Television is responsible for your child depression

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Television is responsible for your child depression

Recent U.S. study showed that children who Evrton to watch TV after the age of five are not subjected to behavioral problems later.

The Camilla Mistry Willers Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, that the study showed negative results for the long view of television, also showed that reducing the hours of viewing to acceptable levels reduces the risk of exposure to behavioral and social problems.


The study showed that we should not allow children less than two years watching television and seen the short duration of those above this age of less than two hours a day, the team also recommended not to put children's bedroom TV.

The study also showed that one in five children who watched television at least two hours per day during the study period were more likely to have behavioral problems, and that children are watching television, they have usually been exposed to many problems when they turn their fifth birthday and that two out of every five children in the fifth of age to have a television in the bedroom, which presented problems in sleep.

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