Food for blood type (A)

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Food for blood type (A)

You will become more agile system of blood type A if accustomed to eating foods that allowed you to delete because they eat and what is prohibited to eat, where to eat meat makes a person a platoon A tired and less traffic and energy for what to eat from plant proteins. A blood Vveselp retain water in the bodies of their owners when they slow down the metabolism, that Type A blood stored meat in food in the body lotion, so the meat cause obesity percentage of acidity is very low.
And to cope with this kind must rely on agricultural crops (ie, the shift to a vegetarian one).
Dairy Products: digest weak and very slow with A so it annoying and bad because of insulin reactions, because dairy products, saturated fat, therefore, cause damage to the heart, causing diabetes and obesity.
Wheat: The elements in A hybrid of this species can eat wheat, but not a lot because Ktherth cause acidity in the muscles and tissues of the body.
In addition to eating healthy foods and low in fat, vegetables and grains balanced the Type A blood you need to eat light for the public interest and the effects of good 0
Therefore, we will give a quick guide to the most important and the best foods that benefit or harm the body.

It foods that help to increase the weight: A platoon of the owners
Meat: Slow digestion and stored in the body lotion and more toxins digestion.
Dairy products: slow metabolism.
Alkaline beans: interfere with digestive enzymes and slows the metabolism.
Wheat: stop and inhibits insulin.
Vegetable oil: helps digestion and prevents the good conservation of water in the body.

Foods that help lose weight:
Soy foods: help digestion and the representation of food quickly.
Vegetables: help correct the metabolic and accelerate the movement of the intestine.
Pineapple: to speed the movement of the intestine.
For best results, type A should refrain from eating meat to eat in the system, it is supposed to be this new breed their subjects at risk of heart disease, diabetes and stomach cancer, so you must refrain from the prohibitions and eat everything that is good for the body.

Restricted diet supplement and useful to the detachment A
Complete with respect to A platoon in terms of restricted diet, beneficial and neutral:
Red meat in general - liver - heart - Rabbit - Pig - ducks - geese - cow - goat.
Chicken - turkey (Turkey) - chicken (young chicken)
Useful, including: sardines - Salmon - Mackerel - code - white fish - reply Snabr (red) - Shark - Tuna - Swordfish.
Prohibitions of fish:
Caviar - shrimp - Frogs - Alklamb (CLAMP) - oysters - lobster - Turtles - Octopus - Blue Fish - never the sea - shells
That persons may use Type A blood, dairy products, but must refrain from things made from whole milk - the quantity of eggs consumed. You can also use soy milk, yoghurt and yoghurt precious non Mayornp and goat's milk a good alternative to whole milk - cheese - soya most dairy products, milk, non-digestible well when the people of this species, because these species produce antibiotics of sugar found in whole milk with Fayyokoz FUCOSE represents TYPE BANTIGEN which represents a protein called BANTIGEN This platoon reject anything of this compound that causes the natural immunity to this species, Antibiotics, which formed the faction rejects all derivatives of full-fat milk, if you suffer from sensitive than whole milk this means that chest secretions may be significant, leading to respiratory problems as a result of the secretion of large amount of mucous secretions that are harmful to the chest and usually this type produces more than other blood types for the secretions of mucous membranes.

1 - dairy useful:
Cheese - soya milk and soy.
Dairy products, non-harmful (neutral):
Sheep cheese - sheep's milk - Almazola - yogurt - milk and ice - yogurt with fruit - feta cheese Aghannmi.
American cheese - blue cheese - butter - butter milk - cheddar cheese - Alkoting - Cheese Quran (cups) - Ice Cream - Albarmisan Swiss cheese - full fat milk.

2 - Oils and fats:
Fats and oils is desirable for this new breed but flax oil and olive oil can be used daily tablespoon of olive oil for cooking or for the authority because it helps to lower cholesterol.
Very useful: olive oil - linseed oil
Taboos: corn oil - cotton-seed oil - almond oil - sunflower oil.

3 - Nuts and seeds:
Since these species are allowed a little animal protein, the vegetable proteins found in nuts, useful for this new breed seed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds (Alvcefs bear cub) and almonds Bajali and almonds Sudan is very useful for this new breed, you must eat almonds always because it is material anti-cancer (Cancer Fighting Lectin). We must eat the peel almonds if you suffer from problems in the gallbladder, and must eat small amounts almond butter instead of eating almonds as a whole.
Useful and allowed: Sudanese almonds - almond butter - hazelnuts - Pumpkin Seed (Alvcefs bear cub)
Permitted and neutral: almond butter - Almcaddemia - Alqaka (nuts, set sentences) Bajali almonds - butter, sunflower, sesame seeds - sesame butter (tahini).
Taboos: Brazilian nuts - cashews - pistachio.

4 - Beans:
Working hard for a great family A, but there are types of harmful because they contain the Lectin which lowers insulin production, leading to obesity or diabetes.
Useful, including:
Different kinds of beans, green, black and red - the local lentils, green and red kidney beans.
Neutral and can be used without damage: green peas, various types of beans
Taboos: Copper beans - beans in the form of the kidneys.

A 5 - Chipset (CEREALS):
Desirable to use whole grains and not experienced the process of industrialization, and must be wary of wheat breeding because it helps the mucous secretions in the chest;
Advantageous grain:
Grains consisting of corn - and barley - and rice.
Taboos: a decent wheat and many things made from wheat
Bread: Bread for the people who suffer from mucous secretions in the chest as a result of the sensitivity of the chest should abstain or stay away from whole wheat flour and take soy or rice flour as an alternative.
Useful and allowed to use:
Soya flour - cakes made of rice flour - Bread wheat (bran).
Neutrals: rye bread and corn.
Taboo: The bread of whole wheat bread protein

6 - Almkronat:
Of the pasta choices are abundant and contain good sources of vegetable protein can be obtained essential food items can not be obtained from meat
Stay away from frozen meals, pasta sauces or prepared from a mixture of rice with vegetables, ready, and in favor of making food at home and do not use ready-made food.
Useful and allowed:
Rice flour - pasta - barley and accurate.
White flour - pasta made from spinach and semolina, flour, full.

7 - Vegetables:
Vegetables are necessary to contain minerals and enzymes and materials against oxidation, and eaten intention or steam, most of the vegetables are allowed, but there are some taboos save your life, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots Yamani
And vegetables, very useful to prevent or protect non-normal cells from dividing due to oxidation is the following: broccoli, garlic, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, turnips, vegetables, iron, paper and yellow onion and tofu (TOFO) is one of the best vegetables for this new breed.
Vegetables very useful:
Ground cord - beet leaves - broccoli - carrots - green leafy vegetables - Agraba Wild - different kinds of onions - spinach - okra - lettuce - Turnip - Radish - garlic - parsley - Pumpkins
Neutral and can be used:
Beet - Avocado - Cauliflower - celery - corn - Option - lettuce - red radishes.
Prohibitions (taboos):
Red and white cabbage - Eggplant Black - mushrooms (mushrooms - mushrooms) - black olives (Greek - Spanish) - different kinds of peppers (red, green and yellow) - the potato - and the islands Yamani - tomatoes.

8 - Fruit:
You must eat fruit every day at least three times a day to equal the pH consisting of cereals, some fruits are harmful to oranges, watermelons, Kherbz Kalmanju, tropical fruits, papaya, bananas, some of which will be useful lemon, grapes, peaches and figs.
Fruit useful:
Peach - Raspberry Black and Blue - Cherry - Teen - Grape - Lemon - Pineapple - Plum - Raisins - Apricots 0
Fruits Neutral:
Apple - Balah black, red, fresh - different kinds of grapes - Guava - Kiwi - Alhbhb - Peach - Pear - strawberries, jam, fruit accepted "without sugar", as well as jellies 0
Forbidden fruit:
Banana - Nargen - Mango - Kherbz (Melon) - Hindol - Orange - Papaya - Youssef Effendi.

9 - juices and liquids
Must take a cup of lukewarm water every day in the morning with half a lemon (juice) to get rid of mucous secretions in the chest.
Juices useful:
Apricot Juice - Carrots - Celery - Black Cherry - Grapefruit - Pineapple - Plum (Alboukhara) - lemon juice diluted with warm water.
Juices Neutral:
Apple juice - cabbage juice - cucumber juice - grape - juice vegetables.
Prohibitions of juices:
Orange juice - papaya juice - tomato juice.

Herbal tea: helps protect against cancer and increases the acidity of the stomach.
Useful of tea:
Chinese Green Tea - Ginger - Ginseng - Rose Hips - tea with flowers.
Neutrals: mint tea leaves - leaves Cherry - parsley
Taboo: the normal red tea - Tea Alleptun.
Soft drinks, tea and coffee:
Useful, including: coffee - green tea.
Neutrals: white wine.

10 - Spices:
Be very useful in certain combinations Kalsuya, soy sauce, miso and Altmari and Soussi, molasses, black is a good source of iron, and uses ashes of kelp as a source of iodine, minerals, and the vinegar should be avoided because it irritates the stomach walls, and can use sugar and chocolate, but small amounts
Spices very useful: (garlic - ginger - Miso - Tamari - Soya Sauce - molasses black.
Spices Neutral:
Agar - All Alobazer - Herd - Cinnamon - Alqrnql - starch - Mint - Parsley - Paprika - Alooriviano - thyme - Honey - Cummins - Precious sequins Sos - Sherah Corn - Vanilla - red - white and brown sugar - salt - Sherah rice.
Taboos: gelatin - black pepper and white - all types of vinegar.

11 - Spices:
Retriever (mustard) is considered useful for blood group A, and the authorities can use spices ready to be a low-fat, can be used in pickles, but simple because they help a cancer of the stomach for people who have low acidity in the stomach.
Useful of spices: mustard (mustard).
Neutral spices: Pickles is a very simple 0
Taboos: ketchup - mayonnaise.

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