Natural foods save you from the tension

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Natural foods save you from the tension

Is concerned, Tantabk sometimes a state of tension may be a world in their causes and sometimes be the cause of tension is not known, regardless of cause are desperately trying to get rid of that situation, I have been publishing a report in the latest issue of the magazine (Marie Claire) The 8 types of foods able to let off tension without the need for sedative drugs may not be secured side effects, and these foods are:


Contains orange vitamin C and A study Germany modern published in the Journal (drugs and psychological) that the vitamin (c) helps to reduce tension and the return of blood pressure to normal level, which makes eating oranges after difficult situations would be helpful to reduce tension.


Help the potatoes to reduce tension and that to contain large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars needed by the body when exposed to stress and tension, they also contain many vitamins and important minerals such as beta carotene, and fiber is in, to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Dried apricots:

Apricot contains magnesium and magnesium plays a big role in getting rid of tension as it works to relax the muscles normally.

Almonds, pistachios and walnuts:

Three of these foods contain large amounts of vitamin B complex and vitamin (E) These vitamins strengthen the immune system and the nuts and peanuts are working on lowering blood pressure.


Contains magnesium, an important element of the nervous system and cause deficiency migraine headaches and tiredness, and one cup of spinach is able to provide you with 40% of your daily from spinach.


This fish rich in omega-3 acids, which play a major role in the prevention of heart disease, and has been published study in the Journal (diabetes and metabolism) suggest that omega acids prevent the stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) to reach a peak.


Contains monounsaturated fat, which reduces blood pressure, as it contains potassium and has referred the National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood that consumption of adequate amounts of potassium is working to reduce the tension and the reduction of high blood pressure.

Kale and broccoli:

Contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that give our bodies the ability to cope with the harsh conditions that cause us stress and tension.

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