symptoms of physical

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symptoms of physical

Key features in these cases are the symptoms of physical can not be explained in any assets of the membership nor any known physiological mechanisms.

But often accompanied by severe psychological conflicts.

These disorders differ from artificial disturbances (Altmard) that the symptoms do not occur voluntarily, although difficult to confirm this.

It combines physical disorders often under the name (Hera) or (hysteria) or interaction conversion (who has been released where the patient concerned to transfer the display

Mental to the physical display) or acquired Brekke Syndrome Briquet.

Pathogenesis and Hera (or conversion of psychological symptoms to physical symptoms) is not well known, despite the fact that psychological mechanisms play an important role

Without a doubt. A large proportion of people with symptoms manufacturing at the same time suffer from physical disease and often nervous. Interaction Transfer

May be either an exaggeration of the original disorder or a different label more Tnmiqa, both designed to bring attention to the patient's distress and physical illness.

For example, a patient infected with impaired Basitat wrist and fingers because of paralysis of radial nerve paralysis can show myself established in the arm as a whole.

Such disorders to emulate any offer from the physical symptoms of the disease, especially those affecting the nervous system Kvkd sense of paralysis and blindness

And hearing loss and the loss of speech or epileptic Democratic lawmaker. (Many of the Democratic lawmaker epileptic patients infected with false enter human bodies is real) can also disorders

Awareness or gait abnormalities that are symptoms of the interaction of transferring, as were the non-neurological somatic complaints, such as nausea, aches and pains

And excessive fatigue and weakness, which is usually the most difficult diagnosis. And diagnosis of manufacturing interactions is not easy.

When the symptoms are neurological diagnosis must be based on the examination shows that the assets can not be substantiated on the basis of Vezbologi, for example,

The patient complains of a sense of a full half of his body, including lost a sense of vibration and pose, but uses his hands in the precision movements, his eyes open

Are closed and thus can not explain physiological symptoms of this disease in the nervous system. In addition to the loss of any sign of physical illness and the lack of

Match the symptoms and signs with the physiology and anatomy.

We must make every effort to uncover the cause of the physical disorder in this particular time. For example, symptoms may be concluded that the status of the patient

Difficult environmental (secondary gain) or that the patient mimics Parkinson Alndvi who died recently by the people he loves. In all cases, the physician should be

Very careful and even when the evidence suggests that the symptoms Hraip to be certain that pose did not result from an exaggeration of a physical disease or illness

Nervous or extension of them. The sometimes could not confirm the diagnosis but follow-up the patient carefully and accurately.

Be diagnosed by a doctor of hysteria is true in 90% of patients who complained of a dramatic story of a satisfactory or complex began before the age of five

Thirty-they now seem symptoms of a spin-off the following ten groups mentioned in the following table when there is no diagnosis

Another explains these symptoms.

Embodiment of strikes:

A - symptoms begin before the age of thirty, and lasts for several years.

B - limited to the complaint within the following 14 presentations in women and 12 men at presentation.


Sick most of his life.

Transformational symptoms or neurological symptoms false: difficulty swallowing, lack of voice, deafness, Shaf, blurred vision, blindness, fainting or loss of consciousness. Memory, seizures, trouble walking, paralysis or muscle weakness, trapping urine or difficulty urinating.

Gastrointestinal symptoms: abdominal pain, rich nations, vomiting, bloating, intolerance to several foods, diarrhea.

Pain: back pain, joint pain, the pain of the Parties, the pain of the genitalia (not pain during sex work), pain urinating, the pain of others (except for headaches).

Cardiovascular symptoms: shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pain, dizziness.

Manufacturing and processing reactions difficult. These symptoms are physical and especially the nerve of them in the early stages, it can be that close to Tafrejeha doctor

Patient in a practical and realistic and to assure him that he will be healed; but he has to avoid entering into a long debate with him on the Pathogenesis offer.

It then shows the patient that he was able to do the work that he was thinking that he can not work, and firmness and support and persuasion back to the paralytic, Almhustr

Force and blind Almhustr sight. At the same time must support the patient psychologically for release concern and to improve the crop environment that caused the symptoms.

But many of these patients Mandon treatment. Even patients who have recovered from their symptoms may return with symptoms of new and different.

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