Increased sweating during sleep .. And the reasons

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Increased sweating during sleep .. And the reasons

Night sweats caused by multiple disorders satisfactory

Suffered a lot of situation that might consider it strange, but with a complaint of a lot of strange signs and inquire about what causes this problem, which affects a person during the night while sleeping only, and wake him, including a wet from sweating, that resulted from the body during those minutes, or Sueat. This is known race night.

Intended to race at night is any increase in the race for the natural rate occur during sleep, is not meant here sweating, which produces the normal high temperature of the room or the large number of blankets and towels wrapped around the body, but is meant to increase sweating during the night to satisfactory reasons unknown to the patient.

The doctors knew night sweats caused by pathogens that sense of redness, and very high body temperature or high heat occurs at night during sleep, accompanied by excessive sweating may lead to wetting clothing and bedding, without any relationship with a warm room or the atmosphere surrounding the grave.

* Causes of the situation

* There are several reasons this can happen, and you must know to take the patient's medical history and conduct the necessary tests to diagnose those causes.

One of the most reasons for the increase sweating during the night prevalent in women near menopause, where the woman was donations from the heat intense accompanied by redness in the face and sweating, severe disruption of the menstrual cycle and other symptoms, has been infected, women who experience such symptoms during sleep, making it wake up wet from the intensity of race.

* Among other reasons:

* Microbial infection: There are many infectious diseases that affect a person sweat at night, and indeed is one of the most common symptoms of diagnosis. Perhaps the most famous of these diseases is tuberculosis or tuberculosis, which is accompanied by excessive sweating during the night with a high temperature, and the same with the fever of Malta and meningitis (meningitis), all of which are diseases of bacterial may affect any member of the Aljsmz There are other types of diseases bacteria that cause night sweats Kalalthabat bacteria that infect the heart valves, or bone marrow, abscess or injury in any part of the body.

* Low blood sugar: that the incidence of falling blood sugar leads to increased sweating, and more sugar drops occur in patients with diabetes who take insulin injections, Owalalajat sugar-lowering drug, occur during sleep. And at the very race that accompanies the decline of sugar may wake the patient from sleep because of Aptlalh of race, before entering a coma at the stage of sugar.

* Hormone disturbances: Night sweats accompanied by redness and heat of many diseases, glands and hormones, for example, not limitation, excessive secretion of thyroid disease syndrome Asertauip carcinoid, adrenal gland tumor (renal UV) or what is known as tumor Rultm.

* Tumors: increased sweating during the night, is one of the initial symptoms of many cancers, but this is not the offer is only for early diagnosis of cancer, but accompanied by many other symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, and perhaps more tumors associated with to race at night, are tumors of lymphoid tissue or what is known as lymphoma.

* Nervous system diseases: Many diseases of nervous system caused frequent sweating during the night, has an incidence of one form of stroke get the disease, up sweating sometimes night sweats, as well as patients with peripheral neuropathy may suffer from self-increasing race with other symptoms.

* Drugs: may address some of the drugs to the incidence of race night, many people infected with the viewer does not complain of other symptoms that indicate infection one of the causes of the above, it is often due to eating one medications that cause this, and which ones to but not limited to the reduced heat treatments such as aspirin and paracetamol, and drug treatment for mental illnesses, and more types of antidepressants cause night race as one of the side effects, some types of steroid (cortisone).

* Hyperhidrosis unknown reasons: The case of unsatisfactory primarily where a person get up sweating all day in a continuous and without any satisfactory reasons for that, and this infection is considered chronic conditions

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