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Disease is anemia, a shortage of red blood cells that make up the blood, deficiency (hemoglobin) in red blood cells or lack of both of them has different reasons and different classifications and different symptoms treated according to reason, and here we'll display anemia by divisions of causation. First: anemia caused by severe bleeding or chronic. Second: Do not configure the blood cells and this is enough because of lack of the fundamentals of the production. Third: The toxic agents are infectious diseases, inflammatory and non-infectious and deficiency of the liver and kidneys. IV: Some of the Endocrine diseases, lack of thyroid activity, the lack of activity of the pituitary gland. Fifth: disturbances in the development of Korean red (iron deficiency anemia - thalassemia). Sixth: The lack of stem cells (anemia, but Factory, deficiencies resulting from certain medications). (Hemolytic anemia) causes lesions and their genetic, ball red blood cell disorder of hemoglobin, lesions acquired, including disorder in the degradation of glucose, disruption of red blood cell formation, because (folic acid), lesions outside the red blood cells causes, objects Amadadp (autoimmune) disease, physical , disease, chemotherapy (drugs), infections (malaria), toxic agents associated with inflammation or malignant disease or deficiency in the metabolic processes. And symptoms of anemia in general, the color of the patient's pallor, dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations, weakness of menstruation or menopause in women, lack of appetite, anxiety, confusion and insomnia, poor digestion. Treatment of anemia, anemia, as we have multiple reasons, but we will mention some of the recipes that lead to the strengthening of blood a year, but we must know the main cause of anemia, especially if the facilities for the disease (Kaltlasemia), or leukemia, or otherwise to enable the processor to describe the treatment appropriate and these recipes for some blood supplements in general. First: Take a tablespoon three times a day from the following mixture: it is 200 grams of pollen grind and mix with a kilogram of honey bees, where this mixture works to strengthen the blood during one week. Second: You must be food the patient anemic rich materials with protein and iron salts, copper and vitamins, is the most important food that we recommend to address them red meat, liver sheep, colleges sheep, Qguans birds, fish, egg yolk, milk, cheese, dried legumes, including lentils, beans and peas and beans, and fresh vegetables such as, spinach, squash, carrots, lettuce, dandelion, Alkronneb, fresh fruits and mature, including oranges, grapes, figs, apricots, apples.

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