Laser to treat the mother cervical spine

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Laser to treat the mother cervical spine

Doctors attributed the pain of the neck to the bruises and dislocations and micro-roughness of paragraphs.

Bern (Switzerland): the cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae. The first relates to the bottom of the skull contact constant. The second is connected with the first pivotal, helping to facilitate the movement of rotation of the neck and inattention. The neck pain are very common among both sexes and various ages. Iaziha and doctors to the most important of many reasons bruises and dislocations and micro-roughness of the neck vertebrae.

In a related development, the researchers Italians, Swiss joint studies confirmed that the use of lasers, low-density, brings benefits to patients with pain but not infected with any herniation in the cervical spine. If this was a severe or chronic pain, the results indicate superiority, in terms of effectiveness, the laser compared to other treatments, including those based on camouflaged harmless beams of light. Moreover, the therapeutic effect of laser sedation, lasted more than five months, because of anti-inflammatory activity practiced by the laser on the neck muscles.

For the cervical spine hernia, which belongs to Altaclep diseases of the spine, which is ascertained by magnetic resonance imaging, the laser treatment may be harmful. Therefore, surgery is the cartilage of the latest therapeutic techniques. This is done under local anesthesia and in the sterile operating room and equipped with the presence of specialized anesthesia. There, the patient lies on his back and enter the needle and slide down and then begin the process of removing the hernia by a small surgical tools for the Liberation of nerve shake.

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