Exercises for the eye to people who stayed long hours in front of a computer

These exercises are suggested by an eye doctor. They deserve to be exercised by each and every one of us who spend long hours at the office, staring at a computer screen, which is called 20-20-20.

Step I: -

After every twenty minutes of looking on the computer screen, turn your head for focused look at any thing away for you twenty feet (6 meters). This changes the focal length of the lens of the eye. It is a must for the tired eyes.

Step II: -

Try and blink your eyes in quick succession for a period of twenty times in succession, so as to Trtaibhma.

Step III: -

By widening the time you have your walking twenty step, after every twenty minutes of sitting in one position. This exercise helps to stimulate blood circulation for the entire body.

Say that your eyes are the mirror of your soul, so take care of them because they are priceless

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