Sitting Room demons relieve migraines

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Sitting Room demons relieve migraines

Scottish researchers said that sitting in a dark room as soon as the pain caused by migraines may alleviate many of these symptoms. The researchers at the University of Glasgow Caledonian in Scotland in the study, published in the journal "Research Ophthalmology and vision" that the symptoms of those who suffer from migraine headaches eased when they were in places where they are the lights bright or dazzling. The researchers said that the people most vulnerable to injury migraine can specify the lights that appear to them exactly the UN expert who does not suffer from this problem of concern to perhaps millions of people in the world, but they may have problems differentiating colors around them. Dorrian said Wagner, who prepared the study, "The visual environment surrounding us is full of activity and crowded objects different and many are important in some times but not all, and enjoys some of our attention only. and found roles that the "visual noise" gave rise to the brain cells of those who suffer from migraines in the extreme and weaken their ability to control objects which emit the lights, adding "it is better may avoid environments and tools "visual" such as computer screens and similar means of education because of the potential to exacerbate the symptoms of the disease

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