Tips for a safe lunch:

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Tips for a safe lunch:

1 - Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly before and after preparing food and before eating
2 - Make sure that the food in the finest and best sense of consumption when he presents the sense of being free of any chemical contaminants or biological weapons or materials harmful to health.
3 - Make sure the cleanliness of the place, tools and dishes before and after use and stored in a clean place.
4 - Wash fresh fruits and vegetables well in running water and Angaiha in water and vinegar (one liter of water + teaspoon vinegar or lemon) before eating.
5 - Keep food in covered containers always Ahfezih after eating food after cooking it directly.
6 - If the food was kept in the refrigerator until Vskhneh boil before eating.
7 - Do not use a knife previously used to cut other foods should be washed well
8 - If God keep Asipti disease (cold - flu - diarrhea - cough -... etc.) Stay away from the place of food preparation.
9 - Types of food bought from a sound source Tthagi and bitch about the food exposed
10 - Buy types of pasteurized and packaged food (dairy products and their products)
11 - Make sure the period of validity of Prepackaged Foods and the integrity of packaging.
12 - Tosrovi in addressing the food with added preservatives or colorings and prevent once and for all children.
13 - head to your consumption of all that is natural and does not contain any additives.
14 - Avoid the use of oil Almekdouh and preferred to use the oil once for frying
15 - Do not buy food and food supply and open the roads as it is contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and cobalt resulting from motor vehicle exhaust, in addition to the dust.
16 - Avoid foods wrapped in bags is not clean or foul smell or color or in black newsprint.
17 - do not buy meat or chicken coated only if they are fully frozen and there is on the cover of the inside water vapor
18 - preferably the allocation of fiber to clean the vegetables and fruit solids (tomato - cucumber - potatoes - pumpkins - Potato - Peach - Guava - Pear - Melon - etc.) and the Valuation clean fiber after Baldettol and Ahfezeha away from water until the other use.
19 - would prefer to customize a knife to cut meat.
20 - Dress boiling water, cook meat and poultry first, and then Put the meat, do not you leave frozen meat to be relieved by ice and Valuation Bthiaa.
21 - When the food home taking into account the lack of packaging or rust before you open them, please wash with water.

How to identify food safety before eating:
1 - Meat:

Meat is good for the color red light - smell good - a coherent texture.
Rotten meat to dark red color - fetid smell - texture mollusk

To make sure the corruption of the meat:
1 - Put a small piece of meat in a jar of boiling water if the meat smell bad escalated clearly be corrupt.
2 - heated and then planted a knife in the flesh and smell the smell.

2 - White:
How to find rotten eggs:
1 - put eggs in water by the dissolved salt notes that of rotten eggs float, fresh eggs do not.
2 - When the eggs preserved for a long time when you take Besvar boiled eggs, dark green, and when you break the sound raw egg yolk is not coherent.

3 - Fish:
Damage to the fish fast so you must save it in ice immediately after the catch.

The difference between fresh fish and corrupt:
1 - fresh fish eyes shining landmark - Khiahimh red - cortex coherent - to flesh coherent - not a rotten smell.

2 - rotten fish eyes sunken, non-glamorous - Khiahimh dark color - Akecorh inconsistent - for soft flabby flesh - fetid smell - The presence of a black or blue lines on the belly of the fish.

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